“Kajal Is Not Worthy Of My Friendship” Karan Johar
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“Kajal Is Not Worthy Of My Friendship” Karan Johar


“Kajal has lost her eligibility to become my friend,” director Karan Johar said it in his autobiography, “An unsuitable boy”.

He wrote about actress and longtime friend Kajal in reference to the anger between them, “Not Kajal but I had problems with her husband. She knew it from the very beginning. Ajay understood it as well. It’s better not to say what caused the trouble. I was really unhappy. But when Kajal had tweeted the whole matter, I realized that the 25-year-old friendship had come to an end. Now I have nothing to say about Kajal. She had ended every emotions that I had for her. She is not worthy of my friendship. I have no feeling for her. And I don’t even want to talk about her husband. He has no importance in my life.”

It is notable that Karan-Kajol friendship was started from the ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge’ shooting. Karan wrote several film roles with Kajal in mind. Kajal always appeared in every occasion at Karan’s home. But from the last year, the rhythm of the friendship was started to break.

The problem started with Karan Johar’s ‘Ae Dil He Muskil’ and Ajay Devgan directed ‘Shivaay’. Both films were released last year October. The clash started when Ajay released Kamal R Khan audio and said Karan wanted his film to be unsuccessful. While Karan denied the allegations, Kajal stand by her Husband Ajay.

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