Kashmir, The Paradise On Earth, will It Get Back Its Peace Again?
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#Kashmir, The Paradise On Earth Is Now Bleeding; Will It Get Back Its Peace Again?


Kashmir is now a land of war. It loses its peace. And the main problem is without solving the problem we are discussing about the problem. It needs a healing touch. But what Kashmir faces is war of words. The situation of Kashmir is really gruesome. We are fighting with our own people. In this critical situation it’s a question now, how long will Kashmir remain as a part of India?

Kashmir is a land of beauty, is a land of tulips but now the heaven is burning with hatred. And who is responsible for that? India and Pakistan are blaming each other; they want Kashmir as their own part. But are India and Pakistan really concern about this beautiful land? If they do, then instead of coming out with a peaceful solution why they are continuously pelting stones to each other! Did we ever think about the local people of Kashmir?

Kashmir valley unrest
The Valley of Paradise is now the Valley of War

Kashmir conflict is not new. It has been continuing since the partition of India, 1947. This land has been witnessing many outrageous periods. This time the nuisance has started from 8th July following the death of Burhan Wani. Curfew in the valley remained enforced since then and the valley has lost its 42 natives and over 3400 were injured. The victims and the injured are not only the natives of Kashmir, they are also Indians. Actually, India lost its own citizens.

In the other side 26/11 Mumbai terror attack’s main suspect Hafeez Saeed on Wednesday led a rally in Pakistan from Lahore to Islamabad and their demand was to take away Indian Army from Kashmir. Also Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif commemorated ‘Black Day’ on 19th July regarding the recent Kashmir issue and he demanded mass election in Kashmir.

Pakistan got an opportunity to claim their possession on Kashmir. This new clash has just given them another chance to exert their power. Pakistan is not lone contributor to create disturbance of peace in Kashmir. Indian army also has been engaging in fake encounters which make Kashmir more furious. In that power game Kashmir is just a pawn. They are actually frustrated.

India should solve its internal matters first to gain Kashmiris’ trust and confidence before blaming and warning Pakistan. They are normal people like us, what they want is just peace and we are not successful to give it to them.

No one is listening to Kashmir what they actually want, why these incessant clashes, why so much violence! Bullets can only make things worse. This is not a remedy to heal any wound. This is not a time to argue on our boundary problem. It’s the high time to negotiate with Kashmir to sort out things peacefully.

As an Indian, I, from the core of my heart really want Kashmir to be our part. But if things continue this way, I doubt how long we can proudly say Kashmir the heaven, is a part of India.

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