Kolkata: Woman Raped, Blackmailed And Threatened For Nearly 1 Year And Forced To Abort 2 Times
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Kolkata: Woman Raped, Blackmailed And Threatened For Nearly 1 Year And Forced To Abort 2 Times


A 26-year-old woman, residing presently at Jodhpur Park, but hailing from Assam’s capital Guwahati, claimed on Tuesday that she had been raped for several months.

The woman lodged a complaint at the Lake Police Station alleging that a businessman, a resident of Salt lake and an owner of a BPO had raped her a number of times and also forced her to abort twice. The man had allegedly videographed her and then threatened her to make it viral.

“I felt threatened and did not complain to the police thinking the videos will be made viral,” she claimed. She, however, kept silent, fearing damage to her reputation until she recently became pregnant.

According to reports, the woman came to Kolkata last year to study cosmetology and she was staying at a flat in south part of the city.

As per her complaint, the woman alleged that the man, Rakesh Chowdhury, who befriended her via her friends in June 2016, met him at a restaurant sometime early last year after he promised that there would be other friends, there they consumed alcohol allegedly laced with drugs.

The woman claimed that she became unconscious after consuming the drink and Chowdhury took her to a guest house, where he raped her and recorded the rape. He then forced her into a physical relationship by blackmailing and threatening to release the video on social media. She claimed that he then kept visiting her residence in Kolkata at regular intervals and raped her.


She even confronted her wife, who lashed out at the victim of believing her.

The girl said that she gathered her strength to complaint to the police after she got pregnant. “I was scared but later I thought that I should file a police complaint,” she said.

“A case has been lodged against the accused on the charges of rape (IPC 376), stalking (IPC354D), Causing miscarriage without woman’s consent (IPC313), criminal intimidation (IPC 506) and insult the modesty of woman (IPC509),” Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police (Crime) Vishal Garg said.

When questioned, an investigating officer said, “It is a very early stage of investigation to try and comment on anything.”

According to reports, since the complaint was lodged, accused businessman and his wife gone absconding.

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