BCCI Cancels IPL Tender, Says It Is Waiting For Lodha’s Direction
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Last Minute Announcement: BCCI Cancels IPL Tender, Says It Is Waiting For Lodha’s Direction

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Some days ago Supreme Court ordered the Lodha Committee to appoint an auditor to scrutinize the bank accounts of BCCI. The Indian cricket board was in a critical position since the BCCI-Lodha Committee debate has started. Yesterday it cancelled the IPL tender.

The bids for IPL were to be opened on Tuesday in Mumbai. But on late Monday night, BCCI apologized to all potential bidders and stakeholders and said it would not proceed as they were waiting for the direction of Lodha Committee.

The BCCI offered their ‘sincere apology’ and said, “At the time of going to press, BCCI has not received any further directions from the Committee, which is now the custodian of the entire (bidding) process and has been tasked with the duty to ensure that the tender process is undertaken in a professional and transparent manner with least inconvenience to all stakeholders.”

In a long official statement, the board said the IPL media rights for the next right periods would now depend on the Lodha Committee but not on the cricket board. It stated once the board will get the Lodha Committees’ response it will give the notice to all stakeholders as the board is not in a position to take any decision on the matter.

The broadcast right holder for Indian cricket, Star TV had negotiated with them and decided it would not participate in any tender process until the matter will be resolved.

Throughout the Monday, the board exchanging emails with the committee. The Committee once again reminded them about the refurbishment and it wanted the board first comply with the SC’s order before issuing any decision.

The president of BCCI, Anurag Thakur on Monday evening said to the committee, “BCCI office bearers are duty bound to comply with the order and it has been consistent endeavor to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the Committee.”

But the bidders were confused and annoyed with the last minute announcement. An industry executive slammed the last minute correspondence, “What message is India sending out to overseas investors? Who’s going to trust how things work out here? This is absolutely unprofessional and if the powers that be are thinking that come-what-may, cricket sells in this country then they’ve got it wrong.”

The next hearing on the issue will be on 5th December.

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