New rocky planet found, close to the Solar System
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Life Beyond Planet Earth?

rocky planet near solar system

Is there life beyond the Earth? Perhaps, the answer of this long-term question might be found very soon, because scientists have found such a rocky planet.

It has a Jupiter-like gas coating around. The planet is revolving around ‘Proxima Centauri’, the nearest star of the sun. Scientists have given the name ‘Proxima Centauri-B’ to that planet. The distance between that planet and Proxima Centauri are about the same as of Earth and the sun. The planet revolves in its orbit around Proxima in every 11 days. However, whereas the planet is very close to the star, it has to bear with a variety of radiation. But still it is possible to have the presence of soul.

Scientists say that the first thing is to examine the texture of the planet’s land. The chances of having water increase on rocky ground. If there’s any existence of water then only there could be life deep down the water avoiding the radioactivity of the star. Though there’s radioactivity, the planet’s climate is likely to be quite favorable. But right now, spacecraft won’t be sent there. But later, it may be sent to look for life in the future.

Proxima-B is 4.2 light-years away from Earth, 2 lakh 66 thousand times the distance of Earth from the Sun, 1.3 times larger than the size of planet Earth. But the orbit of the planet is much smaller that Earth’s. Life can be there as Proxima Centauri is smaller in size and brightness than the sun.

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