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Like Magic!

A renowned veteran artist was sitting in the big office room of an internationally reputed person, facing him across the large table to the left of the artist was sitting an young man. The young man requested the artist to draw a scetch of him. Taking an A4 size paper and a pencil, just looking at the young man, the artist almost instantly drew an excellent profile of the young man, who was highly impressed… at the request of the young man the artist auto-graphed the paper; the young man stood up, bowed his head to the artist, took the paper and told the artist, “it would remain as my life long invaluable collection!”.

And then the internationally renowned person, sitting on the other side of the table, produced an A4 size paper towards the veteran artist said with a smile, “here is your sketch!” – the veteran artist looked stunned; as he found the gentleman has drawn a sketch depicting the scene of him drawing the sketch of the young man! The artist requested the internationally renowned person to autograph the paper. And it was done the artist stood up and bowed to the great man took the paper and said “it would remain as my last salvation!”… Seeing the whole incident (yes Sir I was also there) I became spell bound; felt that I have seen REAL MAGIC! And the internationally reputed person was the great illusionist Dr. P. C. Sorcar, M.Sc, PHD.

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