Did You Know Lionel Messi Was A Candidate In US Election?
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Did You Know Lionel Messi Was A Candidate In US Election?


When people around the world had gone crazy with the election in the United States, a weird news was spread in the Internet. Argentina’s football superstar, Lionel Messi’s name, from a country far away from America was also involved in the US election.

Argentinean football captain had also received vote in the US Presidential Election. But the number of vote he got is only 1. Sad to hear that, fans?

But it was not at all rumors. However, quite funny! Don’t you think? Such surprising incident happened in the world’s most high-profile election. Neither, Donald Trump, nor Hilary Clinton, one of the United States voters had chosen Lionel Messi to rule the country.

The pictures spread like wildfire on social networks. There was an empty place down after Trump, Clinton and three others on the ballot paper. If anyone thinks that none of the above is capable of managing the country then they can put name of their choice on that place.

So a football fan thought none of the five candidates is appropriate. The world’s best footballer can do something as a president, indeed.

But the Messifan must be disappointed by now because Donald Trump became president letting him far behind.

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