Mamata Banerjee Accuses Modi Of Removing Crucial Files On Note Ban
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Mamata Banerjee And Her Never Ending Accusations – This Time She Accuses Modi Of Removing Crucial Files On Note Ban

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West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee doesn’t have the mood to stop the two months’ old same topic – Demonetisation. Each passing day she dragged the same thing with a new angle. This time, on Wednesday she accused PM Modi of removing crucial files related to the note ban.

She also claimed the note ban was a “ploy to transform white money into black and black money into white”.

Outside the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) office, she told a rally that Modi and his office have removed all the crucial files related to the demonetisation. “We will get to know the magnitude of the scam only after Modi is ousted from office. This demonetisation is nothing but a ploy to change white money into black and black money into white.”

Mamata recommended the RBI authorities to “stand up against the anti-people Modi government”. She also claimed that CBI is accustomed to mistreating her party as it raised its voice against the demonetisation.

Ms Banerjee accused that the agency is using the former employees of Saradha and Rose Valley to create “back offices” in order to emerge false evidence to incriminate TMC leaders in the scam.

Since January 9, the TMC was staging a 72-hour sit-in outside the RBI office, Kolkata against the demonetisation.  The TMC chief said, “The RBI was kept in the dark about the decision. It should stand up against the Modi government and reveal the real reasons behind demonetization. It should make public how much money has been pumped back into the economy and the amount of money states has received post demonetization.”

She claimed only Modi and his two or three associates were aware of his decision to note ban. She alleged Modi government has turned the CBI into the ‘Conspiracy Bureau of India’ and they are using it for pursuing ‘vendetta politics’. “The CBI has created a back office to come up with false evidence against our leaders to implicate them in chit fund cases.”

She also criticised the arrest of two of her Party’s MPs Tapas Pal and Sudip Bandyopadhyay in the connection of Rose valley chit fund scam.

Not only BJP, she also accused her old foe CPI(M) that the party had entered into a “political match-fixing” with the BJP as the chit funds had mushroomed in WB under the Left rule.

She said, “It was during the CPI(M) regime that Rose Valley and Saradha chit funds came into being. What were the SEBI and RBI doing then? Several top CPI(M) leaders were involved in the chit fund business but none of them was summoned. It only shows that the CPI(M) and the BJP have teamed up in Bengal.”

After her remarks against PM Modi and BJP, Union minister Venkaiah Naidu has slammed the TMC leader. He said, “I am shocked and depressed over the abusive language used against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This only reflects their frustration over the growing popularity of Prime Minister and BJP.”

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