Massage Parlor On Wheels: Illegal Massage Parlor Found In Express Train
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Massage Parlor On Wheels: Illegal Massage Parlor Found In Express Train


Monstrous smell with awkward sound! Regular incident of Podatik Express (Sealdah to NJP). Similar scenes can be seen on a regular basis before you arrive NJP. Some are laying prostrate bare bodied on Podatik Express’s three-tier air-conditioned room berth. They are getting oil massage. Those who regularly travel have given the name of the train “massage parlor on wheels”.

The massage continues in Sealdah from 10 to 15 minutes before the train departure. Massage persons come up into the train compartments. Some people remove their shirts, not even bother to take permission from the fellow passengers. Some role up their pants.

Massage starts with Ayurvedic oil. Pungent odor spreads throughout the compartment with annoying sounds. Some yell in pain and some in joy! Railway Cleaning workers spray perfumes in five to ten minutes. The same scene at the end of the journey!

One passenger, Debi Ghosh from Howrah said, “I sat turning my face to the window. But the sound and the smell was causing me a headache. I did not dare say anything.”

This is happening in Kamrup Express as well for a long time.

Umid Roy, who is in his mid 40s, claimed that his profession is to massage in train for the last few years. He runs the deal openly. He doesn’t even have a hawker license. Umid said, “I’m not stealing. Full body Rs.250, Head & Shoulder Rs.150, Only Head Rs.50.”

So how does he manage police, TT and railway workers? He claimed that he sometimes need to give free massage. But why only this two trains! He said, “Demand is much higher in these two trains.” They avoid trains like Darjeeling mail.

Passengers said it is not possible that rail officials don’t know anything! Parthasarathi Sil, senior area manager of Katihar division said, “It’s not right to do massage in train. I informed the higher authority immediate after hearing this. This will be stopped.”

Tourism business leader was in the Padatik Express with family. He said, “How can so ill-mannered matter continues day after day? It hasn’t happened before. I’ll inform all the division.”

Sources said that no one is taking action because no complaint have made so far. But according to the Railway Safety Act, Section 145, you can’t behave such a way that your fellow passengers face difficulty. If seen, rail security forces and the GRP can take action in voluntary. They can even arrest. Senior Area Manager of Railways assured strict action will be taken soon.

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