Meet The Real Life Slumdog Millionaire, Sheikh HAzrat Ali!
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Meet The Real Life Slumdog Millionaire, Sheikh Hazrat Ali!


Slumdog millionaire! Familiar term! A slumboy gets to win a reality show and becomes a millionaire. Here’s a real story of a old man who became millionaire overnight. Meet Sheikh Hazrat Ali.

Ali was a beggar until Monday afternoon, but became VIP till evening. He won lottery, a total of 51 lakh. This has made poor the king.

The incident happed at Haldibari, an isolated area of Cooch Bihar. Flocks of people have come to see Ali after the news was spread.

The lottery seller, Subhash Chandra Roy has given him accommodation for security. He currently lives in Roy’s house instead of spending nights in the porch of tea stall. People, who visit him, are trying to ensure his safety.

Hazrat spent Sunday night on a balcony of Sailen Roy’s tea stall at Barerdanga, Haldibari. His luck started coming to favor from December 18. That day he won Rs.72000 in lottery. And the next day he won the first prize of Rs 51 lakh. Then the next day he did a hat-trick of winning lottery by winning 3rd time a amount of Rs.3000.

People are quite shocked by the incident. So now this is the only subject of discussion in the area.The number of Ali’s ticket was 94B35176.

Ali is 70 year old. His family is in Goraipur village of Murshidabad. He has 60 year old wife and a son in his family. He has been lining in Haldibari for 1 year.

He was also surprised after suddenly becoming a millionaire. What will he do with such amount? He said, “God’s money, God will do what he has to!” He is absolutely calm. Roy handed over the ticket to the lottery agency. Ali’s family in Murshidabad has been informed.

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