Meet Supriya Roy: She Runs Toto To Run Her Family And Studies
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Meet Supriya Roy: She Runs Toto To Run Her Family And Studies

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Twenty years old Supriya Roy runs toto aiming to continue her studies and to run her family. Her younger sister has got married but Supriya chose her studies over marriage. Now her laborer father has fallen ill, so there’s deficit is deficit. So the Katwa college BA 3rd year student runs toto to run her family and studies.

Though some of the neighbors said earlier that she didn’t need to study, just get her married but Supriya didn’t give attention to anything.

Supriya has been seen with her blue toto for a couple of months at the lanes of Katwa town. She lives in Kashigunjpara in town with her parents and younger sister. Supriya want to teach her seven-grader young sister as well as. She has said that after her father stopped earning she was doing tuitions but income was not enough. Again, if she would join a job she could hardly get time to get in college classes.

Finally, a few months ago, after consulting with a relative the toto idea came to her mind. She ran the relative toto at first. Then before a few days she took loan from a private bank and brough a toto herself.

One of her daily passenger Rima Das said, “She is doing an excellent job. She inspires me.” Katwa toto union secretary said, “We are there for her always. She would inspire other girls to come forward.”

She runs toto at the morning, then she goes to college and after coming back, she runs toto again in the evening. Her mother said, “She pulls the family on her own. This is enough! Now we don’t care about what other says!” Supriya said, “From my childhood I have dreamt to drive train. All these fight is for that sake!”

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