Mumbai On High Alert: ISIS Terrorists Trying To Enter The City By Sea
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Mumbai On High Alert: ISIS Terrorists Trying To Enter The City By Sea


Mumbai has been put on high alert as certain terror suspects are trying to enter Mumbai. Indian coast guard is also on high alert after the intelligence report.

According to inputs from the officials of the Indian Coast Guard, ISIS militants might be trying to enter Mumbai via the coast. Late on Monday at around 11 pm, the Worli Coast Guard sent a fax to that effect to all city security agencies. Sources conveyed that the terror suspects are trying to enter the city by train.

A senior Mumbai Police official said, “The information is received from the Coast Guard through fax. We are taking all necessary precautions and getting details about the suspects from the information provided to us.”


Agencies across the city have beefed up security while simultaneously launched a manhunt for three ISIS terrorists, who are seeking to enter the city via coastal route. All security agencies are now verifying the information and working to rule out an ISIS attack on Mumbai. Police are checking lodges and low-end hotels where owners usually do not ask for identity proof.

According to sources, after the Coast Guard received the input, all the other agencies were looped in to work in tandem and find some relevant information that can lead to the three suspects. Senior Mumbai police officials have also gone tightlipped as the issue is sensitive in nature and needs to be neutralised before it becomes a threat.

The police insist that no agency, especially ATS, is taking it lightly since they have previously busted ISIS modules by arresting youth involved or in touch with known ISIS handlers. But, senior officials in both the agencies including the Indian Coast Guard and Mumbai Police, has reportedly denied the claims that there was such an alert.

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