Blue-Ice Fall From The Sky: The Mystery Revealed
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The Mystery Behind The ‘Blue-Ice’ Revealed


Ihh! Chihh! Oh God! You’ll heard these sounds if you keep your ears yesterday night at Pakdaha, Sashan.

Be careful when you taking up to your mouth the ice that falls from the sky! Because it can be ‘that’ thing.

On Thursday, the residents of Pakdaha didn’t stop themselves by only taking the ice in their hand or mouth, they took that in their home and put it into refrigerator. There was not only any ordinary rockfall from the sky in the early morning, it was big blue ice! Romp in the village! Police came! The news reached to Geological Survey of India (GSI). There were differences in their opinions. At the end of the day, police said that sources from GSI said the blue ice can be urine from the plane’s toilet that passes higher in the sky. It mixed with the blue insecticides and change to ice in the cold atmosphere. North 4 Parganas Superintendent of Police Bhaskar Mukherjee said GSI will be sure about the object after examination.

But before the results, odium is in among the villagers. Some said that food will not be digested anymore! Some fell busy cleaning the refrigerator!

At 7.30 am in courtyard of Sakina Bibi, resident of the village, ice fell with strong sound! The ice broke into pieces and some of the villagers took it on hand and some brave-hearted tasted it. One of the villager who tasted it said at noon, “Though I have tasted, it’s not tasty at all.” One student said, “I didn’t eat. It smells sweet so I just took it on hand and smell it.” At night that villager said with penance, “Ehh! What did I do!” That student said, “Oh! I’m lucky! That was close!”

This glacial blue waste is called ‘blue-ice’ in aerial navigation language. From 1979 to 2003, there are 27 same incidents happened in America. Some of the injured were compensated by the Airlines. Such incidents happened in Germany and England as well. However, India’s name was not included in the list.

Aircraft engineers and pilots said that there are chambers at the bottom of every toilet in the plane. The waste are stored there. After landing at the airport, the aircraft has been cleared of waste. One pilot said, “If there be a leakage in the chamber, fluid will go out to the belly of the plane. If there’s a whole then the fluid will go out into the sky.”

This complex equation didn’t reach to the Pakdaha village. So whoever tasted that ‘blue-ice’ are hiding their faces from the others.

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