Narendra Modi Taunts Rahul Gandhi, Says “He Is Learning How To Give Speeches”
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Narendra Modi Taunts Rahul Gandhi, Says “He Is Learning How To Give Speeches”

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After Rahul Gandhi’s allegations on PM Narendra Modi, now Modi taunted Gandhi during an address at the Banaras Hindu University in his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi on Thursday. Modi said “he is learning how to speak”.

“They have a youth leader; he is learning how to give speeches. Since the time he has learnt to speak, my happiness has no limits.”

He teased, “If the Congress leader had not spoken then the country would have to bear a big earthquake. But it is good that he has started speaking, now we know there is no chance of an earthquake.”

Slamming the opposition for criticising the demonetisation he said that those who are against the note ban “are like Pakistan”. He alleged the way Pakistan gives ‘cover fire’ to the terrorists, similarly the opposition covers the corrupt people.

While speaking at the foundation stone-laying ceremony of Mahamana Pt Madan Mohan Malaviya Cancer Centre in Varanasi, he criticised the opposition for protesting everything.

Referring to the army’s surgical strike in which some politicians raised questions of whether it occurred or not, he alleged, “Our army makes us proud but some people have questions even on their bravery. Is it good to view institutions like this?”

Modi completely turned the table on the Congress and said they criticised him on the ground of poverty, education and infrastructure but by saying that they actually giving their own report card.

“Manmohan Singh said that how can people go cashless in a country where 50% people are poor. By saying this is he giving his report card or my report card? Poverty is his legacy and my government has been dealing with its burden. Similarly, Chidambaram had also said that 50% of the country’s villages do not have electricity, who is responsible for that? When they say large parts of India did not get access to education, whose report card are they giving?”

Later, the PM laid the foundation stone of ESIC super speciality hospital and also inaugurated a Trade Facilitation Centre and Crafts Museum.

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