Narsingh Yadav Dope Saga: What Is The Truth Behind The Curtain?
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Narsingh Yadav Dope Saga: What Is The Truth Behind The Curtain?

Narsingh Yadav

Narsingh Yadav’s dope story turns in a new direction. Indian Olympic Association (IOA) asked United World Wrestling (UWW) to replace Narsingh Yadav with Praveen Rana in 74 kg category in the Rio Olympics.

UWW in a statement said, “The Indian Olympic Association informed United World Wrestling of their desire to enter Parveen Rana as their nation’s replacement at 74kg in men’s freestyle.”

The President of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh said, “His name is sent as date of replacement was given as July 25 and that’s why the name is sent to the world body. We would still hope Narsingh is proved innocent and goes to Rio.”

If the NADA panel finds him innocent then he can participate in Rio Olympics.

Now the questions arise, Is he the victim of conspiracy? Or Is he really guilty?

He tested dope positive for taking anabolic steroid Metadienone. Dhirendra Singh, a medical officer who often collected urine samples for dope tests he said often athletes didn’t provide enough urine for the dope test as they were so nervous that they found it hard to provide enough samples.

But when he went to Narsingh’s place to collect his urine sample, the incident was unusual to him. “I joked ‘Pehelwan ji apne to pura bhar diya.” In reply, Narsingh joked not only urine samples but he would also provide blood samples if required.

Interestingly, the roommate of Narsingh, Sandeep Yadav has also tested positive with the same drug. Sandeep is not a competitor in Rio Olympics, also he wasn’t training for any events. Apart from them, no one in the centre has tested positive. It is very uncanny that Narsingh’s roommate who isn’t any competition took weight enhancing drug without any reason.

Theory of tampered food

Narsingh alleged his food has been tampered. He filed a complaint against a junior wrestler who is a trainee in Chatarasal Stadium in Delhi. He represented the country in junior international tournaments. According to sources, the junior is a brother of a senior wrestler who was in a Rio Olympics qualification controversy in a super heavyweight category.

Narsingh’s camp hopes that the statement of the junior wrestler will clear that the original result of the dope test was actually a result of ‘sabotage’.

The cook first identified the junior wrestler from a group photograph at SAI Sonepat centre. It was suspected that the junior spiked the food with an unknown substance which was prepared at the hostel kitchen on 5th July.

A source stated that once the cook identified the minor, Narsingh reminded he saw the boy sneaked into his room more than one occasion.

At the SAI campus most the seniors rarely take their meal from the kitchen. After the practice they included Narsingh Yadav retired to their room and the juniors brought their meal from the kitchen.

Narsingh’s camp believes that his food has been tampered during this time. It was also suspected that someone entered his room using a duplicate key when he was out for the practice, spiked the food with the drug.

Yogeshwar Dutt’s advice

Yogeshwar Dutt

It is hard to believe for the Olympic Bronze Medalist Yogeshwar Dutt that Narsingh could take drug. He also emphasized the negligence of the wrestler, he could be more careful over the preparation of his food. “Of course everyone is supporting Narsingh. Even I am. But in the end he will have to bear the consequences of this episode.”

When he learned about the Narsinhg’s food, cooked by a junior, Yogeshwar said since 2014 he hasn’t taken any food made in the SAI, Sonepat campus kitchen. Still now, he only eats his home made food. And when he is away for practice or any other occasion he always ensures to leave two trusted men in his home at all times.

Yogeshwar told, “On the 5th of June before we left for Bulgaria Narsingh told me that someone had tried to mix something in his food. I told him once again to be careful about what he was eating but he didn’t think it was serious.”  Yogeshwar said he advised Narsingh about those matters but he didn’t listen it and was not serious.

So, the point is if it will prove that Narsingh is innocent and someone intentionally spiked his food still it was his fault not to be careful over his food.

An Olympic participant should always be conscious as there’s always a chance to be ‘sabotage’ by other competitors or any other foe. So, why did he take this serious matter so casually even after a senior wrestler like Yogeshwar alert him?

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