NASA Offering $1 Million To Teams Who Can Create The Best Robot
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NASA Offering $1 Million To Teams Who Can Create The Best Robot In The Competition


The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) have kicked off a brand new challenge for developing superior robots. NASA is offering $1 Million to teams that can create the best droid. Registration for the contest is open for engineers and inventors from all across the globe. The contest aims to develop futuristic humanoid robots capable of resisting harsh conditions of the space. NASA intends to utilize the robots for its forthcoming mission to Mars.

The contest is the partnership with Space Center Houston and the innovation consultant organization NineSigma.

Teams participating the challenge is required to design their robot based on NASA’s Robonaut 5 (R5, also known as Valkyrie), will have to fix the human base after a dust storm by line up a communications dish and setting up a solar array and habitat leak, all while dealing with a delay in communication like the real one from Earth to Mars.

The competition has three main targets, “aligning a communications dish, repairing a solar array, and fixing a habitat leak”, according to NASA. The group which will be able to handle the conditions most efficiently will walk out with the $1 million.

Robots like R5 could explore new territory in one day before humans can, help out on their long interplanetary trips, operate preliminary scientific research and fix habitats once human beings leave.

The program targets to develop highly developed bots to help the astronauts in the Mars expedition. The competition primarily looks for some revolutionary concepts and developments on the dexterity of robots.

Groups can register for the Space Robotics Challenge now, and go into a qualifying round running from mid-September to mid-November. Finalists, declared in December, will be able to do practice rounds up until the final contest, which will be held virtually in June 2017.

The competition is a part of NASA’s Centennial Challenges program, which supports and encourages innovation and technological advances for spaceflight through open competitions.

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