Protesters Burn Pakistani Flags Over Rigged Elections In PoK
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Nawaz Sharif’s Party Rigged Elections In PoK – Protesters Burn Pakistani Flags


Widespread protest in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) broke out on 27th July after the ruling party Pakistan Muslim League (PML) won the election by rigging. On Friday, 29th July residents came out on the street to express their anger against the ruling party and demanding a fair election. They were even burning Pakistani flags.

The Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju requested the Human Rights Commission to inspect the nuisance. Rijiju said Human Rights violence in Balochistan and PoK was not new. The International Human Rights will look into that matter.

The election was held on 21st July and the rigged vote went to the favor of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party Pakistan Muslim League (PML). They secured their position with 32 seats out of 41. In Muzaffarabad members of the PML killed a follower of the Muslim Conference (MC), after the incident major PoK towns like Mirpur, Kotli, Muzaffarabad and Chinari witnessed protest across these cities. The protesters sprayed black paint on the faces of political leaders in the posters, clashed with police, burnt tyres and blocked traffic.


A Muslim Conference leader averred, “After rigging elections, the PML (N) is now indulging in widespread propaganda and killing. They have killed our friend. If the authorities fail to take any action, they will be responsible for any future incident.” PoK’s Human Rights Group confirmed muscle power and money were used to win the election. Some protesters alleged Pakistan’s spy agency Inter Services rigged the poll in favour of PML and they didn’t allowed authentic voters to cast their vote.

Locals claimed that elections in PoK are always rigged in the favour of the ruling party and this time the favour is for PML (N). Muslim Conference leader and prior PoK PM Barrister Sultan Mehmood Chaudhary condemned that in that election huge money was distributed to buy the vote. In Mirpur there were many examples of rigging.

flag burning

Protesters in PoK’s Neelum valley witnessed police rage as the result of burning Pakistani flags and raised slogans against the ruling government in protest of the rigged election.

The authenticity of the elections has been questioned by the different political parties. In the name of power and for the corrupt practices, public money has been wasted.

According to a local, “In 2011, Pakistan’s People’s Party formed the government in PoK because it was ruling at that time. It is a joke with the people who exercise their right of vote. Only faces will change but if people think that these recently held elections will bring change for betterment then they are living in a fool’s paradise.”

Out of 41 seats the PML-N has bagged 32 seats, Muslim Conference and Pakistan’s People Party got 3 seats each.

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