New Blood Group, ‘INRA’ Found In Gujrat
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New Blood Group, ‘INRA’ Found In Gujrat

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We have heard about the common blood group, A,B,AB, O and even some knows the about the super rare blood group, Bombay Group. And now, doctors have found another new blood group.

Doctors of Surat, Gujarat recently found a new group of blood in a person’s body. They claims that the blood group do not found anywhere in the world. Doctors were surprised while testing the blood samples. His blood didn’t match any group. At last the doctors sent his blood samples to World Health Organization for test. They said that the research is still going on.

That person’s identity has kept as secret. Doctors said that His name is not being brought in public in the sake of research. They also said that since his blood group do not match, he can’t give or take blood. That new blood group was named as ‘INRA’. The name is derived from first two letters of our country and first two letter of the person.

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