A New Species Of Lizard Is Found In Mumbai
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A New Species Of Lizard Is Found In Mumbai


After 130 years the last gecko was discovered and has been named after a Bengaluru-based scientist Varad Giri, a new species of a ground-dwelling lizard has been discovered in Goregaon’s Aarey Colony and Thane’s Badlapur forested belts.

The species, of the genus Cyrtodactylus known in Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka, is a member of the subgenus Geckoella, which are small ground-dwelling geckos largely found in leaf litter in forests.

Goro on Tuesday said, “This is the result of meticulous efforts of several years by lead author Ishan Agarwal and Aaron Bauer of Villanova University, USA along with Zeeshan Mirza and Anurag Mishra of National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru, and Saunak Pal of Bombay Natural History Society.”

Earlier, the new species, CYRTODACTYLUS VARADGIRII, or “Giri’s Geckoella” was considered as GECKOELLA COLLEGALENSIS, but based on morphological characters and DNA data, Agarwal and his co-workers have declined it as a new species.

Their findings on the new species, which is distinct from other species in many characters, were published in the international scientific journal Zootaxa last week.

Giri told IANS, “This uncommon species is mostly seen moving among the leaf litter on the forest floor. They are active during night and take refuge under rocks and logs during the day. It grows the length of around 6 centimeters.”

He said that the species is found in vicinity like Sanjay Gandhi National Park in north Mumbai, the Aarey Colony which houses the Film City in Goregaon, a few localities in Nanded, Chandrapur and Amaravati districts and few localities in Gujarat.

Most of the known species in this group are forest specialists but this new species is also known to live around human-dominated landscapes and is a widely distributed species in this genus in India.

In a rare international honor, this is the third time after a new snake species and a lizard species – both endemic and discovered from the biodiversity rich Western Ghats of Maharashtra-Karnataka region – that a species has been named after Giri in the past five years.


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