No More ‘Hebrew’ Writing Prescriptions In Bangladesh
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No More ‘Hebrew’ Writing Prescriptions In Bangladesh; But Why Only In Bangladesh?

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Doctors all over the world are infamous for their bad and sloppy handwritings on the prescriptions. Even the employees of drug stores sometimes could not understand their writings. But now the doctors have to write in easy to read writings. A top Bangladeshi court ordered them to type or write prescriptions in block letters.

The High Court asked the government to issue a circular among the country’s doctors within 30 days. According to the Dhaka Tribune, the health secretary and Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council’s registrar will have to execute the order. Also, they will have to inform the court about their progress in the matter within six weeks.

On Monday, the court also issued a ruling asking why the doctors should not be directed to mention generic names of medicines in prescriptions.

Justices Naima Haider and Abu Taher Md Saifur Rahman issued the order after holding a primary hearing over a writ petition.

On January 2, the Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB) moved the court with the writ petition which highlighted patients faced difficulties due to the poor handwritings. HRPB counsel Manzill Murshid said, “Sometimes even employees at drug stores fail to read prescriptions and give wrong medicines to the patients.”

Some doctors write the brand names instead of generic names, they specify medicines produced by some particular companies.

For this practice, patients end up buying expensive medicines where cheaper alternatives are available. Murshid said, “Therefore, very often they take wrong medicines. It costs them money and exposes them to unnecessary and sometimes dangerous health hazards.”

Some doctors asked the government to introduce a computerised prescription system. The order was widely praised on social media.

This is a good step by the Bangladesh court. But why only in Bangladesh!! All over the world, patients face similar problem due to the sloppy handwritings on prescriptions by doctors. All the countries should adopt this move for the sake of patients.

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