It’s Not About Azaan, It’s About Loudspeakers, Sonu Nigam Stands By His Azaan Comment
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It’s Not About Azaan, It’s About Loudspeakers, Sonu Nigam Stands By His Azaan Comment


Bollywood singer Sonu Nigan on Monday morning gave rise to a new controversy by questioning why the azaan, the Muslim call to prayer, should be broadcast on loudspeakers from mosques. He complained about being woken up by the azaan, calling it “forced religiousness”. The tweet started a commotion on Twitter and ensured the singer became a trend and a hashtag all rolled into one.

Sonu Nigam’s tweets triggered protests and support in social media.

“Azaan should be stopped in India, where millions of Muslims live, because desh ka laadla Sonu Nigam can’t sleep. Where is the tolerance? FO,” one Twitter user @iamzaalima said.

“@sonunigam who himself used to sing bhajan in “Jagrata” whole night now telling Azan is forced religiousness & Gundagardi. Jai Shree Ram,” said @Adilogics.

Don’t want to hear the Azaan at dawn, nor do I want to hear a Chikni Chameli tuned Ganesh Aarti at dusk. Ban ALL loudspeakering of religion,” said @Apurvasrani.

@SreejataGupta said, “No one’s possibly having a worse Monday than Sonu Nigam. Yes?”

“Sonu Nigam is getting lot of attention today! Now he won’t be able to sleep at night,” said @batmanbegins384.

@vivekagnihotri said, “I am willing to sponsor a campaign against illegal blaring of Azaan and other prayers on loudspeakers. Suggest a creative hashtag.”

“So Sonu Nigam spoke against temples and gurudwaras too, but libchoos are so desperate they are attacking him on Azaan tweet only,” another of Sonu’s follower Rahul Rousshan said.

“Exactly @sonunigam No azaan loudspeakers and No loud Pandals. Religion is a man’s relationship with God, best to treat it in peace,” @_Baatcutter said.

You can see that his tweets didn’t go down well on the internet. On Tuesday, he wrote despite the backlash.

He also replied to some of the tweets. In response to music composer Wajid Khan who had written, “@sonunigam that everyone has thr own point of view but that can be said without hurting others sentiments. hope u’ll understand whr comng frm,” Sonu wrote, “Dear @wajidkhan7. If for once u stop being a Muslim & simply be a Citizen of India, u will see what everyone is truly talking about. Love.”

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