Not To Put India And Pakistan In The Same Group: BCCI To ICC
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Not To Put India And Pakistan In The Same Group In The Champions Trophy: BCCI To ICC

Anurag Thakur

The recent crisis between India and Pakistan have also affected the Indian cricket. The BCCI president Anurag Thakur on Friday asked the ICC not to place India and Pakistan in the same group at 2017’s Champions Trophy in England.

Thakur who is also a BJP MP said he requested the ICC “in view of the public sentiment in the country.”

He asserted that looking at the current situation there was no meaning to group India and Pakistan together in the same group of England’s Champions Trophy. He added that there could be a situation like India vs Pakistan World T-20 in Dharmashala where at the last moment BCCI had to shift the match.

“I will be suggesting to the ICC in our next meeting in October in South Africa that it will be better if we don’t have the two teams in the same group.”

Thakur said that BCCI thought it would be better to inform ICC nine months before.

But if the two countries would reach the semi-final, in that case the situation can not be avoided.

After the launching of the Champions Trophy fixtures ICC President Dave Richardson said that the governing body trying to put India vs Pakistan in ICC event. “Its hugely important from an ICC point of view. Its massive around the world and the fans have come to expect it as well. Its fantastic for the tournament because it gives it a massive kick.”

In the fixture, India’s match is scheduled alongside Pakistan for the 2017 Champions Trophy on 4th June. Later this season India’s women team also scheduled to play with Pakistan in a bilateral series.

The India-Pakistan cricket match is always exciting and nail biting. Since late 2012, the two rivals haven’t played against each other. Earlier, in ICC events India-Pakistan have taken on each other on 14 matches. This year in February India-Pakistan have taken each other in the Asia Cup in Bangladesh and in March the two teams came face to face again in the ICC World T20 at the Eden Gardens.

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