Now You Can Buy Private Plane At The Price Of Car
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Now You Can Buy Private Plane At The Price Of Car


Nowadays, Lamborghini is often seen in the street of Kolkata. This Italian four-wheeled car is priced at around five crore rupees in Indian market.

Now you can buy an airplane with the same price in Kolkata. Amit Modi, a businessman in the city, said, “Think it! Private aircraft with the same amount of Lamborghini! You can fly anywhere anytime. If you wish, you can go to Assam or Darjeeling.” Amit has thought of buying a plane for himself after it starts to sell in Kolkata. Some persons in Mumbai including Sajjan Jindal and Vicky Oberoi bought that small plane. The aircraft will be sold in Kolkata within the next few months.

This five-seat one engine Cirrus aircraft is manufactured in Minnesota, USA. The price starts at 5 crore. Pinaki Roychowdhury took charge of selling this aircraft in India. He himself is a Mining expert, businessman. This time he is for air transport. In the next few months, he will be bringing two Cirrus aircraft in Behala Flying Club. He will bring some airplanes in Andal. There is a need for certain permissions to sell the aircraft in this state. Now he is waiting for the permission.

In the words of the trader, “Whoever buys a plane, he has to get a license. He can buy and keep the pane in Behala Flying Club. If there’s any large place around anyone’s house, who buys the plane, he or she can keep that there. We will provide pilot, fuel, maintenance in exchange for a certain amount of cost.” Just 500 meters is needed for the plane to fly or come down. No separate runway is needed. It can also fly from a field. The speed of the aircraft is 310 kilometers per hour. Cirrus aircraft has the ability to fly continuously for four hours.

His plans includes to bring the parts of the plane to Calcutta and to build it. In that case, the plane can be bought at a lower price than Lambertine. He also has planned to launch a pilot training center in next six months in Andal. He said small plane will be used for rental.

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