Now People Can Fly Without Wings With The Help Of ‘Flyer’
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Now People Can Fly Without Wings With The Help Of ‘Flyer’


There are two wings spreading both sides and a sit in the middle! And the two handles looks quite like a console game of video games. The handles consist of several types of switches. Below this machine, there are two balloons-like pads. If SpiderMan had a car, it would have seemed like this.

The machine looks like kind of motorbike. But not on the ground, it could fly in the open sky. Your all-time private partner! This is no tale; this vehicle was created by the American Silicon Valley organization ‘Kitty Hawk’. A prototype of the vehicle ‘flyer’ recently flies into the sky.

The company said that people of America can buy it later this year. For now, they can submit $ 100 to ‘Kitty Hawk’ and get a membership. Then just wait for the ownership. It is heard that Google’s co-founder Larry Page has a hand behind the whole project.

8 motors are needed to run this vehicle. It can jump directly into the water just like a helicopter. It is good to say, it can float in the water. The vehicle, weighing 100 kilograms may fly up to 15 feet in height at 25 miles per hour. No license will be needed to fly in the US sky. Rather, the company claims that anyone can afford to run it in just two hours of effort.

Sebastian Thrun, president of ‘Kitty Hawk’ was the vice president of Google before. Professor Sebastian of the Computer Science at Stanford University said that the “flyer” would be different from the prototype. However, he has not yet told how much it will cost.

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