All-In-One Quality Of Hariyana’s Self-Proclaimed Guru Ramrahim Singh
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All-In-One Quality Of Hariyana’s Self-Proclaimed Gurmeet Ramrahim Singh

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He is the hero of the film. Besides he is the script writer, editor, action director, choreographer. He wrote the dialogues of the film. Film crew’s make-up and dress were his responsibility as well. He is in 30 roles more or less in the film. One man army? Sorry, one man film? Not really! There are many other things to do in a film! Eager to know the name of this talented man? Well! I am talking about Hariyana’s self-proclaimed guru Ramrahim Singh. Chief of Dera Sachha Saud. His dera promotes eating veg and anti-drug campaigns.

Beside his promotion jobs this guru has only one aim in his life. He wants to uphold Indian culture and history to his followers. This is the reason of making the film. Guru Ramrahim has fondness over Bollywood. Earlier, he did two films, ‘Messanger Of God’ (MSG). Apart from his disciples, a very few people saw the films. Now he has the MSG part 3. MSG, The warrior lion heart. This time he is Indian spy agent instead of a guru in this film. He will protect the country from the hands of foreigners, defeating villains one by one in his dazzling attire. He was criticized for those clothes. He said in his reply, “there’s no religion who says no for wearing shirt-pant.”

Now tell me, if one man has the ability of all, do the producer need to spend so much for different role player?

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