Pak Government Alerts The Military To Take Action Against Militant Groups
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Pak Government Gives “Blunt Warning” To The Military To Take Action Against Militant Groups

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Civilian leadership warned the Pakistan military that the country is facing the international isolation and the Muslim League (N) government asked them to conclude the investigation into the Pathankote attack, a media report said on Thursday.

According to the Dawn newspaper, in the meeting between civil and military leadership many issues were discussed. The civilian government gave a “blunt, orchestrated and unprecedented warning” to the military and it sought probe on several issues including the action against the banned militant groups.

The report stated that Sharif ordered a fresh probe on Pathankote attack and resume the Mumbai attack related trials.

Lt. Gen Rizwan Akhtar, the Inter-Services Intelligence chief and Nasser Janjua, the national security advisor will go to four states to deliver the message for ISI sector commanders and provincial apex committees. The message read, “military-led intelligence agencies are not to interfere if law enforcement acts against militant groups that are banned or until now considered off-limits for civilian action”.

The report stated that Rizwan Akhtar will start his tour with a visit to Lahore. The decision came after the Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and the ISI DG started a verbal face off.

The Dawn also reported that on Monday, Sharif chaired a meeting of the political parties of Pakistan to discuss how to tackle the ongoing tension with India.

Pakistan’s foreign secretary Aizaz Chaudhry on Tuesday during the time of his presentation in the PM’s office to civil and military officers, said that the country is facing”diplomatic isolation” and the “government’s talking points have been met with indifference in major world capitals.”

The report pointed out that the foreign minister said that the primary demands were to complete the Pathankote investigation and take stern action against Jaish-e-Mohammed.

He stated the international relations had deteriorated and it would deteriorate more as America demanding action against the Haqqani group.

The report also said, “Then, to a hushed but surprised room, Mr Chaudhry suggested that while China has reiterated its support for Pakistan, it too has indicated a preference for a change in course by Pakistan. Specifically, while Chinese authorities have conveyed their willingness to keep putting on technical hold a UN ban on Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood Azhar, they have questioned the logic of doing so repeatedly.”

When the ISI chief asked what actions should be taken to prevent the isolation then Chaudhry said to take action against the various militant groups like Hafiz Saeed and the Lashkar-e-Taiba; Masood Azhar and the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the Haqqani network which are the principal international demands. He added the government should arrest them.

The Punjab CM remarked on the Azher’s statement- whenever the civilian authorities are going to take action against those militant groups then the “security establishment has worked behind them to set the arrested free”.

The Dawn reported that the eyewitnesses of Monday’s meeting said the PM orchestrated the foreign secretary’s presentation and the Punjab chief Shahbaz Sharif’s involvement which stir the military to action.

Akhtar concerned about the “timing of action against several groups, citing the need to not be seen as buckling to Indian pressure or abandoning the Kashmiri people”.

He agreed to issue fresh orders to the ISI sector commanders and meet with provincial apex committees to decide what action should be taken in different provinces.

According to The Daily, unnamed government officials stated the Monday’s “confrontation was part of a high-stakes gamble by Prime Minister Sharif to try and forestall further diplomatic pressure on Pakistan”.

The officials also said that in an another meeting with the army chief the PM alleged that if proper policies are not made then Pakistan would face real isolation.

Another government official said, “Wait till November to see if action will be taken. By then a lot of things will be settled.”

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