Baloch Activists Waves Anti-Pakistan Banners Outside UN Headquarter
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“Down Down Pakistan”-Baloch Activists Waves Anti-Pakistan Banners Outside UN Headquarter

baloch protest against pakistan

Outside the UN headquarter in New York Baloch and Indian activists demanded that Pakistan should stop “exporting terror into India”. The protesters gathered in front of the headquarter and condemned the atrocities of human rights violation.

They waved banners and shouted slogans like ‘Down Down Pakistan’, ‘Free Balochistan’, ‘Save World From Pakistan Terror’. In their placards they wrote ‘Remove Pakistan from the UN’, ‘US Government stop giving funds to Pakistan’, ‘Stop Atrocities in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir’, ‘Kashmiri Hindus are Humans’, ‘Pakistan is a Rogue State’ and ‘Killing Fields of Pakistan – Sindh and Balochistan’.

Founder of the American Friends of Balochistan, Ahmar Musti Khan said to PTI, “Pakistan is a terror state and does not want the people of Balochistan to live in peace.” He stated that the state and its leaders are committing crime against the Kashmiri people and the country should stop exporting terror to India and let the people live in peace.

He said that the Baloch people are ‘indebted’ to PM Modi for supporting Balochistan and spoke out the right of Baloch people.

He criticized the Pakistani army, said the “army is ISIS in uniform”. The Baloch National Movement (BNM) slammed the Pakistani atrocities and said the people of Baloch and Sindh appealed to America and the whole world to support their demands for freedom, justice and peace. “We, the victims of Pakistani state aggression and crimes against humanity, want to tell the world that ‘Pakistan is a nuclear-armed terrorist state’ and must be stopped.”

The group condemned the inhuman attack of Uri military camp and Pathankot air base. BNM said the attacks were Pakistan’s policy to employ terrorist methods and outfits to increase war like situation in Kashmir. The group too thanked the Narendra Modi for the support at “such a critical juncture when our nation is struggling to be free from the illegal military occupation of Pakistan since 1948”.

On Wednesday, the Balochistan National Party said more than 20,000 Baloch activists gone missing since 2003. Pakistani state security forces illegally kidnapped and tortured them.

The former President of the Overseas friends of BJP, Jayesh Patel alleged that due to the attacks many innocent people in Kashmir lost their lives. He said the families of Indian soldiers were the worst sufferers.

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