Pakistan, How Long Will You Continue Attacking India?
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Pakistan, How Long Will You Continue Attacking India?

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It started from the Independence Day of India. Well, not exactly from the independence, the Hindu-Muslim crash was too far before Independence. Then we divided into three, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It looks like Pakistan got more and more angry of us day by day. Today we Indians have reached to the moon but Pakistan is still continuing with their same old job of pinching India with bamboo aka Ak47, hand grenades and many more! (you can do Google to know whats ‘more’)

I can give you a single example of Pakistan’s anger, then will go to the rest. One person from Pakistan once said that he likes our Virat Kohli of Indian Cricket Team and he immediately got arrested. Now tell me, would our government ever do that if any Indian says that he likes a Pakistani cricketer? Even now, there are many fans of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shahid Afridi, Sohab Akhtar in India. So are they in jail now?

And I don’t know why we haven’t taken any serious steps against them! Are you going to ask me, why should we? Then I have answers.

So coming to the rest, in 1948, Pakistan occupied 30% land of Kashmir. We complaint to the International level. Have the problem solved? In 1962, China occupied a further 10% of Kashmir land. We again complaint to the International level. Then what? Pandits from Kashmir were outcast in 1990. Did we do something? In 1993, Dawood Ibrahim who was behind the blast in different places of Mumbai that killed 459 persons and then fled to Pakistan. Were we able to do anything? Pakistan hijacked an Air India plane took it to Kandahar, Afghanistan and released Masood Azhar in exchange. What did we do?

In 2001, they attacked in the parliament as well. We again complaint and gave evidence to Pakistan. Then? At least 300 people were died after continuous blast in the local train at Mumbai in 2006. Again we complaint and gave prove. But what did we get? After 26/11, we even went to the United Nations to prosecute, and again we showed evidence to Pakistan. The result?

At the beginning of this year, after Pathankot airbase attack just like before we complaint, gave evidence. We gave extreme warning to Pakistan. What did we get as return?

In Kashmir case, you heated them up and fight for the rite but then put the blame on us. We have been fighting for Kashmir for two or three decades now, I guess. Again, just before 5 days, we lost 18 soldiers at Uri, Kashmir. Same things again? Only warning? Do you have answers to my questions? Now not only the common people but everyone wants a solution this time, kill or be killed!

Now coming to our Indian people, they are too good to celebrate occasions. We see posts of Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day, Valentines’ day, Good night, Good morning, New recipe, Kachuri, Payesh and many more on social media. But after this Uri attack no status update was given! No one will call you a BJP agent if you say anything about it. It is the matter of our country and the country is ours not of BJP’s. You were crying for Messi, but now not a single drop of tear for those heroes of our country? During France attack your profiles were covered with France flag but now shame of respecting your country?

I’d like to say that we, Indians don’t hate Pakistanis, we’d love to be good neighbors. They have always been the first one to pinch, but we didn’t do anything that cause them harm. And So can’t they just stop fighting and be friends? Again, if you continue with your tantrums, we would not have an option except fighting back.

Abhisikta Ganguly
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