Pakistan Blames India For False Accusation On Uri Attack
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Pakistan On Uri Attack : “India Is Responsible For Levelling False Accusations On Us”

nisar ali khan

Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan directly accused India for blaming Pakistan on Uri attack. On Friday, he commented India blamed its neighbor without any concrete evidence.

He said Narendra Modi’s government had blamed even before the investigation completed and without any verification it defamed Pakistan. Khan alleged that Pakistan can not initiate any investigation on Uri attack as India itself does not have any evidence.

In a news conference he said, “India is responsible for levelling false accusations on us when the investigations are not even completed.”

Khan claimed Indian government launching a ‘malicious campaign’ to defame Pakistan. He also alleged that it imposed censorship on the media as the media exposed India’s agenda against Pakistan. “We did not impose any censorship on the media but they did because their propaganda was earlier exposed by their own news channels.”

The recent tension between India and Pakistan started since 18th September when terrorists attacked on Uri army base camp in Kashmir that killed 18 soldiers. Pakistan as usual rejected the claim.

Nafees Zakaria, the Foreign Office spokesperson said in an interview with state-run Pakistan Television that it’s India’s habit to blame Pakistan all time. “Kashmir is the main bone of contention between Pakistan-India relations. We have always tried to resolve the issues with India through dialogue.”

He alleged that India is involving in insurgent activities in Karachi and Balochistan and funding terrorists to destabilize Pakistan.

Zakaria also said that Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism and in the war against Pakistan almost seven thousand security personnel and seventy thousand civilians were killed.

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