Pakistan’s Matter Of Concern; US Encourages India’s Military Support To Afghanistan
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Pakistan’s Matter Of Concern; US Encourages India’s Military Support To Afghanistan

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US now a matter of concern for Pakistan as US encouraging India to boost military aids in Afghanistan. General John Nicholson who heads the US operation in Afghanistan, in his second visit to India said India had been making an ‘enormously valuable’ contribution which strengthens Afghan security forces.

On Wednesday, a top US and NATO commander said that Afghanistan wanted more military supplies from India, including attack helicopters to deal with the Talibans and other terrorist groups. India has already supplied four Mi-25 helicopters. The US commander said that to fight against the terrorism, Afghanistan needed more helicopters.

Nicholson told that the terror groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba, Haqqani network and Jaish-e-Mohammad were a threat not only to Afghanistan but also to the entire region, India is also included. He said to the journalists that US constantly opined Pakistan to take action against the terrorist groups that operate from Pakistan’s terrain.

In India he met with Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar, Defense Secretary G Mohan Kumar and National Security Adviser Ajit Doval. In the meeting he discussed about Afghanistan and terrorism in that region. He said that two weeks ago Afghan forces with the help of US military had attacked the Islamic State and they killed almost 300 Islamic State fighters.

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The US Commander stated that India’s military training to thousands of Afghan security helped them to enhance their military capacity. He asserted US is now focusing on the matter to eliminate terrorism from the regions and establish stability and peace, so US is trying to build a “counter terrorism platform”.

Pakistan is under pressure

This is obviously not a good news for Pakistan. Pakistan’s daily ‘The Nation’ reported that Islamabad warned Barack Obama administration that “preferring New Delhi over Islamabad could hamper the global campaign against terror”.

It is a tough time for Pakistan, on 3rd August Pentagon already blocked $300 million aid to Pakistan in military reimbursement. Now this time if US support India then it would be a disadvantage for them. Their interest is totally different. Islamabad wants the return of some variants of Afghanistan which they can use again as the launch pad of terrorism against India, especially Kashmir.

Earlier, in the Taliban ruled Afghanistan Pakistani militant groups launched several cross-border attacks on Kashmir. In 1999, December Pakistan based Harkat-ul-Mujahideen militants hijacked an Indian airlines flight and took it to Kandahar airport in southern Afghanistan. They freed the passengers only after India released three high profile Kashmiri terrorist prisoners.

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