Paracyclist Aditya Mehta Forced To Remove His Prosthetic At Airport
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Paracyclist Aditya Mehta Forced To Remove His Prosthetic Limb At Bengaluru Airport, Was Bleeding

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One of India’s top paralympians Aditya Mehta has faced trouble during the time of security checkup in Bengaluru airport. He was forced to remove his prosthetic limb and also security staffs humiliated him.

Aditya said that a CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) officer forced him to remove his prosthetic leg and while wearing it in a hurry since it was his flight time he hurt himself.

Two months ago he faced the similar incident in the same airport. He stated that when he removed his leg at his home he found himself bleeding.

Aditya wrote to the PM’s office and the head of the CISF, complained against the officer Thakur Das. He was the same officer who humiliated Aditya earlier. “The same CISF commandant humiliated me twice. I have been psychologically scarred by this man.”

The double silver medalist at the Asian para-cycling championship told that he requested the officer to let him go as it would take much time to strap it on again. But the officer said him that it was for security concern and that “it is your problem”.

He alleged that the officer forced him to wear his amputated leg within 15 minutes where it usually takes 50 minutes. For that hurry the wound got intense.

The doctors referred him not to use his prosthetic till his injury recovers at the time of walking.

He said, “I have been told that the Indian government doesn’t have money for body scanners. I told them that I will raise money if the government doesn’t have money.”

In his facebook post he wrote that he has not faced the same problem at other airports.

He claimed that despite his complaints to the Prime Minister’s office, the Civil Aviation Ministry and the DG CISF he didn’t get any assurance. Only got a reply from PM’s office but no action has been taken.

Shotput silver winner at this year’s paralympics, Dipa Malik stated, “Security is in its place everybody has to go through it… I don’t know if he had his medical certificates. That helps with the security.”

She added that today’s technology is very advanced. “We should come up with something which fulfils both criteria – no one gets hurt and the system is followed.”

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