10 Beautiful And Amazing University Chapels In The World
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Peace In Between Stressed Students’ Lives!!! 10 Beautiful University Chapels In The World

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University chapels are affiliated to a university. Generally, a single university campus has just one chapel.

The university chapels are worship places for students where they find their peace moments in between their stressed university lives. In a search for solitude, students and faculty members find their harmony in the chapel.

The structure of the chapels replicate the marvels of European architectures.

In the world there are many breathtaking beautiful university chapels. Here this is a compiled list of 10 beautiful university chapels in the world

Basilica of The Sacred Heart-The University of Notre Dame

basilica of the sacred heart university


It is a Roman Catholic church on the campus of University of Notre Dame, USA. The structure of the church is Neo-Gothic and it has 44 large stained glass windows and murals. Vatican painter Luigi Gregori took 17 years to complete this.

It is the tallest University Chapel in America, the basilica bell tower is 218 feet (66m) high. It is consistently ranked among the most beautiful university churches in the country and around the world.

Stanford Memorial Church-Stanford University

stanford memorial church


It is located on the Main Quad at the center of the Stanford University campus in Stanford, California. During the American Renaissance Jane Stanford built this chapel as a memorial to her husband Leland.

Madonna Della Strada Chapel-Loyola University Chicago

madonna della chapel

madonna chapel

The chapel is on the campus of Loyola University Chicago. Father James Mertz, S.J. raised money for its construction. It was built on the lake front of Lake Michigan. Architect Andrew Rebori designed the chapel in the Art Deco style.

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin-University of Oxford

st. mary church

st. mary

This is an Oxford church on the north side of the High Street. It is the largest cathedral in all of Oxford. In the 13th century Nicholas Stone built the oldest part of the church and used baroque styles. Church historians claimed the tower of the church is one of the most beautiful in England.

Duke Chapel-Duke University

duke chapel


The chapel is situated in the center of the Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. It is one of the tallest buildings (210 feet) in Durham country. The structure of the chapel is Collegiate Gothic style and was built from 1930 to 1932. The chapel has seats about 1,800 people.

Sage Chapel-Cornell University

sage chapel

sage interior

Sage Chapel is on the campus of Cornell University, New York State. The chapel was built in 1875 and Reverend Charles Babcock, a professor in the Architecture department designed the chapel. Andrew Dickson White and Ezra Cornell founded it.

The chapel includes a stained glass memorial to 3 civil right workers who were killed during Freedom Summer.

Princeton University Chapel-Princeton University

princeton chapel

princeton interior

Ralph Adams Cram in 1921 designed this chapel in his signature Collegiate Gothic Style. The Princeton University built the chapel between 1924 and 1928. In 1960 Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a sermon there.

At the time of its construction the chapel was the second biggest chapel on a college campus with a capacity of 2000 patrons.

Alice Millar Chapel and Religious Center-Northwestern University

alice millar chapel

alice millar

Jensen and Halstead of Chicago designed the chapel. The chapel is comprised of two buildings- the Millar Chapel and the Vail Chapel. The Millar Chapel is the oldest and has 700 seats for individuals. The Vail Chapel is comparatively newer than Millar Chapel and has only 100 seats.

Heinz Chapel-University of Pittsburgh

heinz chapel

heinz interior

H.J. Heinz Company founder German-American Henry John Heinz commenced the chapel to honor his mother Anna Margaretta Heinz. The architecture of the chapel is influenced by the Neo-Gothic style. The chapel has a 73 ft. tall transept window which is one of the tallest in the world.

US Naval Academy-Naval Academy College

us naval academy

naval academy

The United States Naval Academy Chapel is in Annapolis, Maryland. Ernest Flagg designed the chapel. The chapel is one of two houses of worship on the grounds of the Navy’s service academy. In 1961 the academy was delegated as a National Historic Landmark because of the chapel.

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