Pentagon Refuses $300 Million Aid To Pakistan In Military Reimbursement
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Pentagon Refuses $300 Million Aid To Pakistan In Military Reimbursement


The Pentagon has blocked $300 million aid to Pakistan in military reimbursement as the secretary has not certified that Pakistan was taking necessary action against Haqqani network. Defense secretary Ashton Carter decided he wouldn’t tell Congress about the decision.

ashton carter
Defense secretary Ashton Carter

On Wednesday, Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said, “The funds could not be released to the Government of Pakistan at this time because the Secretary has not yet certified that Pakistan has taken sufficient action against the Haqqani network.”

Pakistan is the largest recipient in order to receive the fund. The fund of $300 million comes under the Coalition Support Fund (CAF). The CSF is a US defense operative program that reimburses allies that have incurred costs in supporting counter-terrorist and counter-insurgency operations.

Stump also added that this decision wouldn’t lessen the Pakistan militaries sacrifices that they did in last two years. According to Pentagon data, since 2002 Pentagon had paid $14 billion to Pakistan under CSF. Pakistan declined harboring militants and said the nation is already fighting with several terrorist groups on its own soil; there’s a limit on how much it can do to fight against that.

Nadeem Hotiana, a spokesman for the Pakistani embassy in Washington stated, “(The) Coalition Support Fund is one of the many cooperative arrangements between Pakistan and the United States to pursue common objectives.”

Stump said that Afghan Taliban and Haqqani network continue their terror operations in various places in Pakistan. He averred, “This is the first time there’s been a Secretary Defense’s certification required.”

The Haqqani Network is a radical Islamist group which is active both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The network is responsible for the attack on the US and associated personnel in Afghanistan. US reimburse Pakistan as it supports the US operations in Afghanistan and helps US to target terrorists in its own nation.

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