Pickpocket Of 500-1000 Notes From The Crowd
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Pickpocket Of 500-1000 Notes From The Crowd

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An elderly resident of Howrah came to Dalhousie square to deposit 50000 money in a bag at a state-owned bank. He became quite oblivious while standing in bank’s line fixedly. When he came back to reality, it was late. The bundle of the money was entirely vanished.

After this incident, on Friday, the old man filed a complaint at Hare Street police station. Lalbazar said with the increasing crowd in the banks, the pick-pocketer of the state has became active. On Saturday, a bag of Rs 50000 from a man was theft in Dalhousie area. In Barabazar area a theft was happened on Sunday in the same way. A part of police department suspects that in the last few days a few more pit-pocket of 2000-5000 had occurred. Many people don’t complain to the police to avoid the hassle. As a result, they are not recorded on the official books.

Normally, pick-pocketer are active in streets-capes, bus, metro. Daily mobiles, wallets goes missing. Thereafter, these pick-pocketer who mixed with the crowd increase concern of Lalbazar. Many of the police said that in this time many old people gathers on the line, and they become east target of pick-pocket. The intelligence sources claimed already there are police to handle the crowd in banks. Police will be deployed in the crowd today in formal wear.

One police officer from Lalbazar said people come to the bank to submit money and pick-pocketer takes the money and also submit them to bank. They also have their account. After all, the pick-pocker tag is not written on their face!

Three or four pick-pocketer waits in the crowd to steal money. Firstly, one steal the money from bag or pocket. After that, the money goes to other hand in a fraction of seconds. Before anyone understand anything, money got vanished. It may happen that the real pick-pocketer console the victims. Kolakta police officers said this.

Police officials said that as a result of group work, they distribute money among them. So, if they steal 50000, each of them will get 10000. They submit the cash in the name of them or their family members. Or they may have found a new way to redeem the money, said a CBI officer.

Police have started an operation to find the gangs who are involved in the pickpocket among crowd. They have found some source. Police said that in this note change market, center Kolkata’s office and market are is their ‘hunting field’. In the last few days in this area pickpocketers of South 24 Parganas Mallickpur, Ghutuari Shariff were seen to roam.

In the meantime, plainclothes police has deployed in front of some selected banks. There are officials from ‘watch’ division as well. From today, additional teams are being deployed in front of some branches.

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