Planning A Trip To The Moon?? Possible In Next 10 Years
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Planning A Trip To The Moon?? Possible In Next 10 Years But You Have To Spend $10,000

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Have you visit all the countries on the Earth!!! Ok, now it’s time to plan your next vacation on the moon. This isn’t funny. A private company, Moon Express announced having a vacation to the moon is soon going to be a reality. But the space travel might be very expensive for some people. The commercial flights to the moon could cost $10,000 per ticket.

Billionaire entrepreneur Naveen Jain founded this company in 2010. It is expected that the company will send people to the moon by 2026. Moon Express is the only private company which has been got permission by the US government to start moon mission.

According to Moon Express, it will team up with another private company Elon Musk’s SpaceX to send people to the moon. Jain said, “It’s very complimentary as a matter of fact…Elon will build the rocket and we do the rover. Essentially, he lays the cables and we do the last mile.”

Earlier, SpaceX said that their mission is to colonise Mars to help humans to become a multi-planet species.

naveen jain
Co-founder of Moon Express, Naveen Jain

Jain said before the Mars mission, the moon mission is important as it would be the first training ground. He said to the CNBC, “Mars is absolutely the right place to be ultimately. But (the) moon is the first training ground and the first stepping stone. At the end of the day, we would rather be a lunatic three days away than be a Martian six months away.”

He added, “So I really believe the problems living on the moon are similar – the high radiation, vast temperature difference – and if we can solve that problem on the moon we can easily go on living on Mars after.”

But at first, the engineers must solve the issues that make lunar colonisation a problem. Moon’s surface is constantly exposed to high levels of radiation due to a lack of an atmosphere, its gelid temperatures, and its vulnerability of being hit by asteroids sometime in the future.

Jain said a flight to the moon would not differ much from a commercial flight between the US and Australia.

Supporters of lunar colonization claim that there is a lot of science that could be done on the moon, such as gravity and radiation experiments that create incentives for aiming toward the celestial body that lies closest to the Earth.

So, the day is not too far when people buy a ticket to go to the moon to spend their holidays.

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