Kolkata Cleric Threatens To Slit The Throat Of Tarek Fatah
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After PM Modi, Imam Of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Threatens To Slit The Throat Of Tarek Fatah

tarek fatah and kolkata cleric

Two days after the Shahi Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Masjid, Syed Mohammad Nurur Rahman Barkati issued a fatwa against the PM Narendra Modi, on Monday he threatened to slit the throat of the Pakistan-born author and political commentator Tarek Fatah.

Tarek Fatah appeared on a television programme with the cleric. Barkati threatened “Your throat will also be slit” when responding to Tarek’s statement that India has come a long way from the medieval practices when people’s throats were slit.

Both of them were part of a discussion on a news channel. The cleric violently attacked PM Modi, he accused him of spreading communalism and ruining the life of common people through the demonetisation.

Fatah opposed his decision of issuing a fatwa against Modi and for this Barkati threatened him. After the show, Fatah demanded the cleric’s arrest for threatening him.

He wrote on Twitter, “Kolkata Mullah threatens me on live TV. Will Kolkata Police arrest him?”

On Saturday, Barkati issued a fatwa against the PM. He accused him of cheating people through his demonetisation move. He also announced a cash prize of Rs 25 lakh to whoever executes the fatwa.

In reaction, the Kolkata wing of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has lodged a police complaint against him in Jorasakho police station. The party demanded immediate arrest of the cleric.

The complaint read the Shahi Imam has issued a fatwa “offering a reward of Rs 25 lakh for anyone who will cut Prime Minister’s beard, shave his head and smear him with black ink.”

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