“PoK Is Ours”; PM Modi’s Said At The All-Party Meet On Kashmir Issue
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“PoK Is Ours” – PM Modi’s Stern Dialogue At The All-Party Meet On Kashmir Issue

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In all party meeting on yesterday Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted a stern dialogue “PoK is ours”. In the four hour long meeting where all major political parties were present to discuss the recent violence in Kashmir, Modi stated that there cannot be any compromise on the matter of national security “but we have to win the confidence of the people in Jammu and Kashmir.”

He alleged that Pakistan must be globally exposed for their violence in PoK and Balochistan and he blamed cross-border terrorism for Kashmir atrocities. He said that foreign ministry should contact with all the expats from PoK who are living in various parts of the world and collect the information about the disgraceful condition in that area and let the global know about that.

Narendra Modi at all party meeting

Modi explained, “When talk of Jammu and Kashmir, we should talk about the four different regions—Jammu, Kashmir valley, Ladakh and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). We want a peaceful solution to the problem in Kashmir, which should be based on the basic principles of the Constitution. We have an open mind and our doors are always open. We want development of the entire state and we will follow the path shown by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.”

Modi said that Pakistan has forgotten that it killed its own people by fighter planes and they now held their neighbor responsible for sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir. Now it is the time when Pakistan must explain to the world community about the atrocities in PoK and Balochistan.

What opposition said

The meeting was called to find a solution on Kashmir issue. The opposition said they backed the government to take an attempt to restore peace in the valley. They demanded the confidence building with Kashmiris can only be possible if the government should take a step to discontinue the lethal use of pellet guns. In the recent violence almost 100 people were died in Kashmir because of pellet guns. They suggested there’s a need to relax Armed Force Act in some parts of the valley.

Opposition also recommended that a discussion is required with all groups including separatists and AFSPA which grant special power to the army be lifted from resident areas. But the government said this is not the favorable time for that condition.

Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister first spoke for the Congress and said that the centre must show first that it is a caring government. BJD’s Bhartruhari Mahtab averred all four parties in J&K, PDP, NC, BJP and Congress should speak in a united voice.

The government asserted that it would consider all the proposals of the opponent, including sending an all party delegation to Kashmir once the situation is Kashmir becomes stable.

Congress spokesperson Ghulam Nabi Azad stated that they will only be satisfied after the ground situation of Kashmir improves and the government takes steps.

Political science professor, Ellora Puri opposed Modi and asked how talking about Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Balochistan can solve the problem ongoing in the Kashmir valley. These issues may have importance on strategic ground but government should try to reach the people in Kashmir and try to restore peace. The situation in the valley is worsening. The government needs to take immediate action to start dialogue with the people, especially the youth.

After the all-party meet in the press conference, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said the leaders of all parties put forth their concerns cohesively. He also stated that the centre has decided for a development package of Rs. 80,000 crore for the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir and its people.

That’s a good point that all parties jointly support that there cannot be any compromise on the matter of national security. But the point which Modi raised about PoK and Balochistan, it’s more to warn Pakistan than to solve problems in Kashmir. The real solution to restore peace in the valley only comes at that time when the government will talk with the people of Kashmir.


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