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To prevent vandalism tax by syndicate and to detect other criminals police raid down across the state. 10 thousand people had been arrested in connection with various crimes while raiding at Sunday night. Nearly 11thousand were arrested for not wearing helmets and for violating traffic rules. A D G (law and order) Anuj Sharma said, this type of operation will continue and steps will be taken without any political bias. Police Commissionerate and District Police will run a joint campaign. Nobanno sources said, chief minister Mamata Banerjee has ordered to take strict measures to prevent vandalism tax. Vandals will have to separately monitor and so she has already warned the administration. After the CM’s command motility has started at administration level. Police Stations were alerted.

burdwan arrest

Just in the last few days 45 people has been arrested from Rajarhat on charges of vandalism tax. For the same reason six were arrested at Salt Lake Commissionerate on Monday. Raids, across the state has recovered weapons, bomb. 1023 were arrested for certain cases. Due to clutter and various crimes police arrested 7972 people. Other 1520 that were in police hit list also arrested. As per Motor Vehicles Act, 10,900 people were arrested. Police also recovered 85 firearms, 781 bombs, 65 kilograms of illegal fireworks, 20 kg heroin and 114 kg ganja. Not only arresting, surveillance are being run in border areas of the state.

Kolkata police is monitoring to prevent vandalism tax. Salt Lake Commissionerate is similarly endeavor to prevent vandalism tax. Recently, most the complaints are coming from the Commissionerate. Therefore arrests are going on. Six were charged with three separate vandalism tax and arrested last night. Sanjib Sarkar and Raju Kundu were arrested yesterday. They were accused of charging vandalism tax during the construction of Yash building near airport. Both are the members of local Jagadish sporting club. The second incident happened on 5th ward. Avijit Das and Prasanta Pradhan were arrested yesterday for extorting 6 lakhs from a construction company. Both are the members of Doshdrone exercise association. One Anup Sinharoy was arrested for taking vandalism tax from a policeman, Swapan Sinharoy.


TMC Salt lake no.41 ward councilor Arup Chatterjee was also arrested for same reason. His two accomplices Mohammad Nasim and Sindhu Kundu were caught. At first, he with his partners searches for new constructions and who are the constructors and then threat them over phone for money. Many of these allegations were rising in districts, especially in the cities. Even from the owner of the house to the shop owners, rickshaw driver to slum people, no one can escape from vandalism tax in Salt Lake.

Nearly 630 bombs recovered from Burdwan district raid. Similarly, during a sudden raid in a house in Radhaballavpur, Goghat, Police recovered 9 bombs, bomb-spices and firework. On charges of making Bomb, Police arrested house-owner Sheikh Asraf Ali. A few monts ago one died in bomb explosion while making bomb in this area. Meanwhile, Arambag Police arrested 53 people on various charges. Police arrested 4 while raiding in a gambler’s den on Sunday night in Chadur, Arambag. On charges of illegally selling brew police arrested a man named Pankaj Dey on Monday evening from Protapnagar, Arambagh. Badsha Malik was arrested for fighting from Gholtajpur, Arambag. Twenty people were arrested for toxic condition from the streets. By the Arambag court’s order Police arrested 25 for not appearing in court on time.

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