Police Arrested Two Criminals While Smuggling Silver
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Police Arrested Two Criminals While Smuggling Silver


Police seized two criminals red-handed while smuggling silver worth nearly 30 million. The names of the two are Swapan Mukherjee and Rakesh Sharma. The incident happened on yesterday night at Howrah station. They went up from platform no.9 to Danapur express. Police source said that police recovered 67 kg silver from Rakesh and Swapan. The estimated cost of the silver is Rs 30 lakh. The arrested lives in Liluah. RPH soldiers were doing their routine raid in Danapur express last night before the train leaving the platform. Swapan and Rakesh was carrying silver in a bag. RPF officers received a signal in metal detector at the time of searching their accessories. When the bag is opened, they saw silver arranged in layers. At first they said that they are going to give the silver to a temple of Patna. But due to lack of valid papers, they confiscated silver and arrested both. The police have launched an investigation to find out where are they going to send the silver.

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