Pongal Without Jallikattu: SC Dismisses Plea On The Traditional Sport
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Pongal Without Jallikattu! SC Dismisses Plea; State Government Requests Centre For Ordinance


This year there will likely to be no Jallikattu on Pongal, the harvesting festival of Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed a plea that urged the court to pass an order allowing Jallikattu before Saturday. Jallikattu is a traditional bull taming festival which is played during the three-day Pongal festival across the state.

According to the reports, the Tamil Nadu government requested the Centre to pass an order before the Pongal. The report added the SC said no one can force to speed up court’s judgement and said it was unfair to ask the bench to pass an order.

After the verdict, AIADMK spokesman CR Saraswathi told the News18 that the Tamil Nadu government will do everything to allow Jallikattu.

Both the Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam and AIADMK supremo Sasikala wrote letters to Centre and asked them to allow Jallikattu during Pongal.

On his letter to the PM, Panneerselovam wrote Jallikattu is about bull taming and not harming the animal. He said in the letter, “Given that Pongal festival, which holds great importance to the people of Tamil Nadu, is less than a week away and Jallikattu is an integral part of the Pongal festivities, considering the urgency of the issue, Government of India should consider promulgating an ordinance removing the legal impediments, enabling the conduct of Jallikattu during Pongal, 2017.”

VK Sasikala also wrote a letter in which she urged the PM to reiterate the demand for an ordinance to allow the traditional sport. “The ban on Jallikkattu has incensed the public of Tamil Nadu and the youth in particular, and all efforts have to be taken to revoke it.”

The Central government told on January 11 that “things are ready” on its side but the government would wait for the SC to pass an order and expected the apex would do justice to the people of Tamil Nadu by allowing this sport.

In May 2014, the SC had banned Jallikattu and bullock cart races by saying it torture. The apex court said, “We cannot import Roman Gladiator type sport here. One can use computer for indulging in bull fighting. Why tame bulls for it?” Earlier, in 2011 the Congress-led UPA government banned bulls as performing animals. The NDA government delisted bulls but the apex court will now give its final verdict on the matter.

Political parties have been requesting the Centre and state government to do something to organise the sport in the state. People have also held protests in support of Jallikattu.

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