Portugal's first win in EURO Cup withour Ronaldo
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Portugal-France: 1-0

After a long gap, I waited till 12.30 to see the final match of the EURO cup between France and Portugal. But I was really disappointed to see the best player of my supporting team leaving the ground wiping lying on stretcher. But the last smile goes to him, Christiano Ronaldo when Eder’s goal in the second period of extra time made the match for Portugal.

Eder’s goal was clinical finish, Hugo Louris had nothing to do. His great header scored the winning goal after 109 minutes and with that he gave a taste of the first EURO cup to his country.

eder's after goal moment

Ronaldo, 31, was injured in a collision with Dimitri Payet in the ninth minute and Marca says that the Real Madrid star suffered a grade 1 anterior cruciate ligament sprain in his left knee. He Sat down in a few minutes at the start of the match. Three out of three times, he had gone, returned  to the field again. With tears in his eyes and tried to play dead. Eventually left the field on a stretcher. The supporters of Portugal wept kicked break the beer glass in their hands, One can not find language to express the pain, just sit on the ground to freeze. Marca reports that Ronaldo is now in doubt for Real Madrid’s first official match next season (the Supercopa on Aug. 9).

“Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for me. I injured myself in the first few minutes. But I’ve always believed in these players. They have quality and ability, along with our coach’s strategy to win,” Ronaldo said after the game. Coach Fernando Santos said at his pre-match news conference that he does not believe Ronaldo will retire from international football after the game.

ronaldo injured

Before Ronaldo’s leaving the ground, France was playing really good. They were playing short passes to be in possession. Sisoko wing as bulldozers were trying to create the opportunity to move forward with the ball. A cool head of Grizzman was almost, if not Rui Pyatrisio saves the ball entered the goal.

After sitting Portugal’s best player it seemed one goal from France was just a matter of some time. But the opposite happened. Portugal began to get possession of the ball. Koyaresama spread wing. Renato Sánchez dribbled to find an opening.  After the break France attacked again n again, but was unable to Finnish. Griezman beat out a simple head.

Portugal didn’t change the defensive shape. Pepe was tight-phante pair. William Carvalho had great leadership midfield and didn’t allow Pogaba-Griezman combination.

ronaldo with cup

Yesterday, French media was hefty fine to see the whole football world is ahead of France in the Euro final. Key wrote a paper, which is posted on their website. The French papers had arranged chatting with the football legends and football fans. The question will be posted on their own by visiting the website, the answer will come within two minutes.

celebration is on for portugal

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