Sayeed Salahudeen threatened nuclear war with India over Kashmir issue
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Possible Nuclear War With India Over Kashmir Issue If Pakistan Supports: Hijbul Mujahedeen Chief

nuclear war against pakistan

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s advice to Pakistan in the SAARC meet was not to encourage terrorism, but it seems like Pakistan distorted his advice as to encourage more terrorism against India. No, not only terrorism but nuclear war against India. Hijbul Mujahedeen Chief Sayeed Salahudeen threatened if Pakistan supports then there will be a nuclear war against India over Kashmir issue.

The top wanted terrorist of NIA, Salahudeen is now in Pakistan and said Pakistan is morally, politically and constitutionally duty bound to Kashmir to provide support for the freedom struggle. He alleged if Pakistan supports Kashmir for self-determination then there will be chance of nuclear war between India and Pakistan.

The Chief of the terror group stated Kashmiris has no option left except armed jihad. He predicted a fourth war, “I can predict a fourth war with certainty because Kashmiris are no longer willing to compromise, come what may.” He added that despite the support of the world or UN, Kashmiris have pledged to fight till their last drop of blood. Earlier, three wars were fought between the two countries over Kashmir issue. This time Kashmir will no longer compromise under any circumstances.

He commented on Modi Government that Centre is not giving any hope to Kashmiris. They are trying to suppress Kashmiris with only target oriented armed-struggle.

Syed Salahudeen

The chief said their base camp is in the side of Azad Kashmir and Kashmiris from that side will announce walk on of the line of control. There will be no control line, no ceasefire line, no international rules and no consideration for the UN observers. “Bleeding Kashmiris will come from that side, these Kashmiris will go from this side, and God willing a decision will take place on the bloody line.”

Salahudeen threatened if the issue is ignored or the efforts of Pakistan are not fruitful and India continues violence then “a big incident can occur”.

He asserted after the slain commander Burhan Wani’s killing the movement was gaining power day and night and every child, every young and old man, every mother, daughter, sister of Kashmir valley is Burhan. “After the martyrdom of Burhan Muzaffar Wani, why did the entire state come out on to the streets against India? Actually Burhan is not the name of a person; it is the name of an ideology, a goal, the name of a dedication and a sentiment. At this point in time, the Indian troops are faced with Burhan in every street and lane. Every old person is Burhan, every child is Burhan, every young man is Burhan and every mother, daughter and sister is Burhan.”

Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu reacting to the chief and said he has no right to say anything on Kashmir.

If this nuclear war happens then who will be benefited actually?? No one, India and Pakistan need dependency on each other for a better economy and failure of one would badly affect the other.

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