Pregnant Woman Suffers The Consequence Of Triple Talaq, Writes To PM Modi Urging To End The “Evil Practice”
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Pregnant Woman Suffers The Consequence Of Triple Talaq, Writes To PM Modi Urging To End The “Evil Practice”

Muslim woman

A Muslim woman and mother of two, Shagufta Shah wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi urging him to end “Triple Talaq”.

She herself was a victim of this Muslim “evil tradition” triple talaq and now she is demanding justice from PM Modi.

When she became pregnant for the third time, her husband Shamshad Sayeed asked her to abort the child. He and his parents didn’t want another daughter.

Shagufta said, “They feared that if I deliver a girl again, she will be a burden. When I refused repeatedly, they started torturing me. On March 24, they forcibly tried to take me to the hospital and, when I resisted, they started beating me mercilessly.”

But she didn’t abort the child and of course, she was facing the terrible consequence of her decision. Her husband and in-laws threw Shagufta out of the house.

She said her husband verbally gave her triple talaq and she was left on the road to die.

After that, she decided to write the letter on Wednesday. In it, she wrote her pain and tortures what she was going through when she got pregnant for the third time.

The pregnant lady from Saharanpur got a little help from the police. “However, they took my complaint and only assured me that they would look into the matter. They did not register an FIR and chased us away.”

Shagufta said since then her brother and father are getting threatening calls from her husband and in-laws.

Then she decided to approach the PM for help. She said, ” I wrote a letter to PM Modi requesting him to abolish ‘triple talaq’. I voted for him, I hope to get justice now.”

“Mr Prime Minister, it is my humble request to please help this poor and helpless woman. I also request you to ensure that this evil tradition ends so that woman like me and other victims get justice and live a dignified life.”

A copy of the letter has also been sent to UP CM Yogi Adithyanath, District Magistrate and the National Commission for Women.

Her appeal to Modi came a day after the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) insisted the Supreme Court not to bring any change in the practice. It even urged the SC to repeal the pending petitions against the practice.

The SC is scheduled to hear the matter on Thursday. Earlier, the apex court clearly stated that it is looking on the issue on the basis of humanitarian ground and religious perspective of the issue is not under its consideration.

Many Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan, Indonesia have prohibited the custom many years ago but India still allows it.

This custom is a Sharia law practice which allows men to end a marriage by saying ‘talaq’ three times in sequence.

Before the election, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) promised the Muslim women to put an end to the practice if it won the elections.

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