Protest Against Jallikattu Ban: Hundreds Of Students Boycott Their Classes To Protest the Ban
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Protest Against Jallikattu Ban: Hundreds Of Students Boycott Their Classes To Protest the Ban

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The protest against Jallikattu ban is remained to continue, only getting bigger and stronger. On Wednesday hundreds of students from different colleges, Pondicherry University and from Tamil Nadu districts boycotted their classes and assembled at the Anglo-French Textiles’ (AFT) to protest the ban.

Thousands of protesters have been camping at the Marina beach since Tuesday. They refused to end the protest till the ban is lifted.

Also, the pro-Tamil forums are appealing to the people to extend their support to the sport. They have given a bandh call on January 20 seeking an immediate ban on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (Peta).

A group of students wore black shirts and criticised the state and Central government for their inability to take enough measures in lifting the ban. The students’ leaders, some hardcore supporters of Jallikattu from Madurai and southern districts addressed the crowd.

protest at marina beach
Thousands protest at Chennai’s Marina beach

The supporters claimed that they have enough cause to support the bull taming sport. They say the sport is mentioned in classical Tamil literature as “eru tazhuvuthal” or hugging the bull.

However, police did not expect such a massive gathering. Chief Minister of Puducherry V Narayanasamy discussed with top police officials to strengthen the security to prevent any inconvenience.

Dalit community spoke against the sport

But a section of Dalit community raised their voice against the sport. One of the most popular Dalit leaders in Tamil Nadu, the Puthiya Tamizhagam leader K Krishnaswamy slammed the youngsters who support the protest. He said their act was irresponsible as they gave importance to these things so much instead of being concerned about the agricultural crisis in Tamil Nadu.

The leader gave cultural, social and economical reasons against Jallikattu. Krishnaswamy asked   the protesters who suggested that bull taming is an important cultural symbol among the Tamil, “Based on what evidence are such claims being made?”

He claimed that the sport is a part of Tamil rituals. Centuries ago it was created to ensure the human blood was dripped on the soil to bring the prosperity.

But in the modern age, such customs has no values. In the whole world, environmentalism accommodates the right of animals to lead a dignified life, he argued.

He was sceptical of the view that the bull taming sport helps to protect the native breeds of cattle and the foreign powers conspired the ban to destroy these breeds. He alleged at this time when most of the countries use high-technology machines in agriculture, the dependence on bulls to plough the field is not rational.

Tamil Nadu CM met with PM Modi

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday to try to quash the ban.

He will seek an ordinance to lift the ban on Jallikattu. The AIADMK tweeted on Wednesday night, “(The) Tamil Nadu government will continue to take necessary steps to ensure holding of Jallikattu- CM O Panneerselvam (sic).”

During the meeting at the PM’s residence in New Delhi, Panneerselvam had urged Modi to promulgate an ordinance to recommence Jallikattu.

PM Modi told the CM that the entire issue is sub-justice and the whole matter is now up to the Supreme Court to give the final decision on Jallikattu.

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