Rashtrapati Award For 2 West Bengal Reformatory Worker
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Rashtrapati Award For 2 West Bengal Reformatory Worker


Chief Warder of The central reformatory of Burdwan, Chandan Chakraborty was honored by getting the President Award for efficiency in his work on Independence Day. Another one correctional staff of west Bengal was honored with the award, he is alipur central correctional staff Ajoy Bannerjee.

A total of 17 reformatory staff across the country was honored with the award.

Burdwan Central reformatory staffs are happy with Chandan Chakraborty’s achievement. In fact, Chief Warder of Burdwan reformatory, Sheikh Tajuddin received award from the state government for best employee in 2015. Subhendu Ghosh, Super of Burdwan Correctional centre said that in the last 4-5 years, the employee with a very admirable quality has been considered for the award. The names of the skilled workers are considered by inquiring from Central Government’s IB. This year, the award was given in the Independence Day ceremony in New Delhi.

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