Zakir Naik's Full Letter To India: Termed The Ban A Communal Decision
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Read Zakir Naik’s Full Letter To India: Termed The Modi Government’s IRF Ban A Communal Decision

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Zakir Naik, the controversial Islamic preacher and televangelist and his NGO Islamic Research Foundation has been in the news since Dhaka café attack. He has written a “second letter to India” titled “Facing the Foregone Conclusion”.

In the open letter which released on Friday, Naik started “he was right after all” about the ban on IRF, was an attack on Indian Muslims whom he represented. He has threatened to take legal action against the Modi government.

Naik termed the ban as “communal decision”. He also criticized PM Modi’s demonetization decision a “fiasco” and remarked the ban of his organization as “flawless timing”.

“The decision to ban IRF was taken in the middle of the demonetization fiasco, as the country reeled under the self-imposed cash crunch…. I won’t be surprised if this ban was meant to distract media from what was going on in the country.”

In his letter, Naik claimed that the Modi government’s decision to outlaw the organization was a knee-jerk action. He asked in his letter that the government has frozen the bank accounts of Islamic International School then how will a school survive.

“Like the demonetization fiasco, the Modi government’s IRF ban and its modus operandi has been distraught with senseless decisions and knee jerk actions. After having said that the Islamic International School will not be affected, the government goes ahead and freezes the School’s bank account. How will a school survive without its day-to-day expenses being met? We’re talking about the future of hundreds of school children here.”

The radical preacher who didn’t even come to India after his father’s demise alleged the Modi government had no grounds for the banning of his NGO. The government decided to ban even before the investigators submitted the reports on IRF.

“Before investigations were done, even before reports submitted, the ban was already decided. IRF was to be banned. Whether it was owing to my religion or some other reason, does not matter.”

National Investigation Agency have found evidence against IRF that it had a connection with the terror group, IS. It claimed that the NGO sponsored at least 300 people, some of whom were IS sympathizers who travelled Syria and Iraq.

Naik, in his letter, claimed that the “unique ban” was carried out without anyone questioning. NIA conducted raids at 20 places of Naik’s properties during which documents related to bank accounts and other financial activities linked with Naik and IRF were seized.

The investigation agency also handed over a list of 12 people including Naik, his family members, staffs of his organizations and his close friends. NIA sent notices to three banks to freeze the accounts of Naik and others.

Naik claimed his speeches have always dealt with communal harmony and have never supported terrorism.

Further in his letter Naik wrote he is “one of the few” who has openly spoken, “against sate-sponsored violence and terrorism”. Naik who in his whole letter blamed the government for being communal, actually he himself supported communalism in his letter.

“Don’t such statements and many more by fanatics like Sadhvi Prachi and Yogi Adityanath require them to be arrested and tried under UAPA? Leave aside legal action, the government has neither condemned their actions nor reprimanded them. Is this draconian law mainly meant for Muslims? Muslims who’ve been practicing and propagating their religion peacefully and well within the constitutional framework? Does the UAPA now exist mainly to silence minority groups? I urge my Muslim brothers and sisters in India to rely on Allah alone, unafraid of this vicious campaign against them. Allah says, ‘And if you are patient and fear Allah, their plot will not harm you at all.’ (Al-Qur’an 3:120)”

Zakir Naik’s full letter

the 1st page the 2nd page the 3rd page

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