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Republican Nominates Donald Trump For Presidency: A Closer Look

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Donald Trump was formally nominated for the presidency by American Republican delegates on Tuesday night. It was a landmark moment for America after months of controversial campaigning that has divided the American right of the political spectrum. The protests due to the controversy on his anti-LGBT comments are not yet over.

The billionaire businessman had been expected to cruise past the 1,237 delegates needed on Tuesday to seal the deal on the first ballot. Trump was put over the top by his home state of New York.

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“It is something I’ll never ever forget,” Trump said on a video feed from New York. “Together we have achieved historic results with the largest vote total in the history of the Republican Party. This is a movement, but we have to go all the way.” His eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. announced to support Trump from New York. After the nomination as party’s candidate Jr’s reaction was, “Congratulations Dad, We love you.”

Anti-Trump forces on the floor held out for a final miracle on Tuesday after seeking to convince delegates that their votes were not bound and that they could vote their conscience, but it never came to fruition. Under the watchful eye of police officers on horseback and bicycles, groups with different interests, united in their message against the celebrity tycoon, marched on Monday in the Cleveland area outside the security parameter where the convention was being held under tight guard.

“People have already begun arriving from as far as Florida, and we expect to have a large family friendly protest that is truly national in scope,” said protester Mick Kelly, as demonstrators nearby chanted “Dump Trump”. “There is a lot of anger at the bigot,” Kelly added.


Many Americans oppose Trump’s ascension in US politics, lambasting his controversial campaign statements, including calling Mexican immigrants’ rapists and drug dealers whom he would deport if elected president. He has also called for a ban on Muslims from entering the United States.

It has been a stunning rise for a man most thought would never make it this far.

“After all the predication that he could never do it – the public wouldn’t want someone with no legislative experience, no government experience – they’ve opted for a man who has made his name first of all in business and latterly as a reality TV show host,” reported Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher from the convention in Cleveland. “He will now be on top of the Republican ticket come November.”

The real estate mogul won a thumping victory in a series of state-wide party elections, garnering more than 13 million votes – the most of any Republican nominee ever.

US elections will be on November8. There Trump will mainly compete with Potential democratic candidate Hilary Clinton. After Trump’s candidacy, Clinton immediately responded to the announcement with, “I’ll make sure that he would not have chance to enter the oval office.”

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