Research Says, There Is No Specific Age For ‘Adulthood’ For Our Brain
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Research Says, There Is No Specific Age For ‘Adulthood’ For Our Brain

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Age gets matured, but nobody knows the age when our brain actually gets matured.

When we become 18, we are officially ‘adults’. We get the right to vote. We make our views to choose public representatives. But at 18 years old our brain may not be grown, said current research.

 It said that brain doesn’t have any age to become matured. It may take 20, 22, 24, 26 even 30 years to become fully grown. Neuro-scientists haven’t yet understand, what is the right age of the brain to begin the process of becoming a grown-up and when the process ends! Up to the age of approximately 30, our brain keeps changing itself sometime faster, sometime slower.

The study published in International science journal ‘Nature Neuroscience’. An associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, Professor Lea Summerville said, “We do not have such a specific age, in which, we can say that our brain is fully matured. However, at the very least it can be said safely that beyond 18 years of age, our brain starts the processing of becoming fully matured.”

Professor Summerville said, “At different times in different parts of our brain begin to develop. And the growing and developing thing vary with the parts of the brain. The process of becoming a developed is like waves. So everything depends on how we are seeing, from which direction, and which portion are we watching. And since the brain ‘adulthood’ doesn’t have any guaranteed method or device of measurement, so we cannot say when our brain will be fully grown.”


The journal said our brain tissue composed of approximately two vertices. Gray Matter and White Matter. In the first phase of life, Gray Matter grow, develop, spreads very quickly. At that time, the contact between nerves is too fast. Then we quickly learn and memorize for a long time. When our body grows, our brain reduces the number of gray matter little by little and increases the number of white matters. As a result, signals travel faster from one part to another part of the brain, spreads rapidly from one corner to other.  However, the size of the brain doesn’t change.

After reaching the age of 13, the brain reduces the percentage of Gray Matter, and one percent white matter has been made in its place.

However, large changes happen in the brain between age of 20 to 24 years. But it might take the age of 30 to 32 to end. In fact, it can be increased to 35 or 40 years.

Women’s brain starts the process of becoming adult earlier than the men’s. However, there is also no specific age.

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