Kashmir Unrest: Centre Should Talk With The Stakeholders; Yashwant Sinha Urges
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To Restore Peace In The Valley, Centre Should Negotiate With The Stakeholders: BJP Leader Yashwant Sinha

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Bharatiya Janata Party Leader Yashwant Sinha to keep the peace in the valley urged the Centre to negotiate with all the stakeholders.

He stated, “In our report we registered grievances of people in Jammu and Kashmir, based on that we have also given a few suggestions to the government.”

Sinha added, in terms of agenda of an alliance between BJP and PDP, the negotiation must be initiated with all stakeholders to restore peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

Between October 25-27, he led a delegation team to Jammu and Kashmir. There they met with the local, stakeholders and discussed the problem with them.

Sinha in his report pointed out that the people of the valley were suffering by the use of excessive force. The people said that the use of pellet guns hurt them and they also alleged that this type of lethal weapon has not been used anywhere in India except J&K. The Kashmiris further emphasized that the Kashmir issue being seen as Hindu vs Muslim. They also said that the administration, likely to be divided into Jammu and Kashmir.

The delegation team on Tuesday submitted a six-page report to PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh, which said that the people of Kashmir believed that today’s Indian politics has taken such a turn that the leaders had no willingness to hear the even demands for autonomy. “Today, (the) Kashmir issue is being seen as Hindu versus Muslim, and governance seen as Jammu versus Kashmir.”

The report by the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation is based on the visit by concerned citizens “not sponsored by anyone” between October 25 and 27.

A copy of the report was sent to J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti. The group also asked the PDP-BJP government to reopen the schools and, as a precursor to this, release all first-time offenders, schoolchildren and minors arrested under the Public Safety Act.

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