Top Thirteen Most Ridiculous Things About Daily Soaps
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Most Ridiculous WTF Things About Indian Daily Soaps


Actually I don’t really like serials. Maybe as I get older like my mother or my grandma, I’ll like it, maybe just maybe ok! Instead of worst story lines, bad acting, fairy tale-like situations far from the reality, I don’t know why people stuck with serials. There’s a phrase in Bengali ‘golper goru gache othe’ means a cow can climb a tree in a story, well, I would say a cow can fly in the serials as well.  I, sometimes think my mother behaves evil and gets harsh on me just after seeing the intriguing villains. So, why I think serials the worst? Here are some reasons, and let’s do a comparison between reel and the real;

Goddess Heroines!

heroine attitudeSerial has a heroine who can do everything (yes everything) for the society and for her family. She can fight for her husband and I don’t know how she is able to bring back her husband from coma just by giving a challenge to God. We always pray but God doesn’t listen to us. Why? Because they are heroines! She can even give a lecture for social welfare and people listens to her. Just after heroine’s lecture they become good, do the right thing. Is it so? Because if thing goes like this everyone would be like as good and truthful like Judisthir of Mahavarata.


One for all!

Now come to the heroes. How could they marry two girls? One is the heroine, who was first forced to marry because the hero have a girlfriend who he loves, but after that all goes right and the hero n heroine’s made their chemistry. Just then the evil girlfriend re-entered the plot and by her evil act she bit the heroine and marries the hero. The heroine then decides to suicide and I don’t know suddenly what came her mind, she promised to take revenge. How could that happen? I mean now I f a guy marries two girls in real life, will the families of the girls leave the boy?


Class division is a must!

class division between hero heroine
Is it necessary that the girl should be from rural areas and they should be poor while the hero have to be rich and a handsome dude or vice-versa? And after all these, the hero duped and loses his wealth to the bad guy and stays in a slum and when he tried to get some work, villain interrupts and he failed to get a work for the money. Do people (villains) really have so much time for waste?


Sleeping Beauties!

sleeping beautyHow can all the women in the serial, wears heavy jewelry and dress with heavy make-up while sleeping? Don’t they feel itching? And I don’t know how their hair remains smooth after sleeping with open hair! If we do this, our hair will be ‘chidiya ka ghosla’.


Plastic surgery helps you to become zero to hero!

surgery effect
And how the heroine or the hero manages to get back after dying? They come back with a plastic surgery, different height, different face’, weight, voice and figure. Come on! Give me the formula! I want to live a thousand year and want the titanic look of Kate Winslet.


Time machine?

time machineSometimes the serials show age leap. Oh! Heaven! Even I want this in my life. How could they manage? Do they have a time machine? I want that too, please.


Babies face unbelievable situation!

poor baby
If the heroine give birth of a baby, then the baby would definitely stolen by a nurse who didn’t wanted to do it but as because she need money she is hired by the villains. But after giving all labor villain failed to kill the baby and an unknown person (don’t know how they get to know that the baby is in danger) comes and rescue the baby and take it to home. After growing up it is necessary that if the baby is a boy he will be hero’s lookalike and if it’s a baby girl she will be heroine’s lookalike. And after all the challenges he/she face get to know that who is his/her real parents and until the date his lookalike mother or father must be dead.


Background music! Uff!

background score
Just the time one person is saying an important thing, thousands of sounds plays in the sky. If this happens in real we can only listen to the sound not what others sayings.


TRP can do everything!

TRP can do everything
If a serial gets highest TRP, it will continue, continue n continue. No matter what will be the storyline, you can see a horror turning, or even a witch who wants to destroy the protagonist’s family, can be spotted with black magic. Like cow flying in the sky, it can be anything and everything is possible.


Earthen lamp out! Oh shit! Something bad is going to happen!

earthen lamp out! shit!
When something really bad is going to happen, earthen lamp out in the pray room. God! Sometime you should give us some warning also! Why only for the heroines and their mothers-in-laws?


Evil in-laws become angel! Bullshit!

angel and evilEither the mother-in-law or the father-in-law must be evil. And as time passes out they must love heroines. I wish real daughters-in-law have these kinds of in-laws!


No hidden place for Secrets?

A secret should be discussed just the time when an enemy is passing and a person who shouldn’t know the secret, always hear it. Well and I don’t know how after closing the door the person who is outside the door can hear the discussion? Is there any whole or do the person have elephant’s ear?


Age-miracle? Really!

age miracleThe last but not the least, is the age. If they become parents or grandparents or great grandparents, they remain with the same look. Is it for the age-miracle cream?

Do comment if you find any serial matches the above points, write about the serial in short.

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